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DIY ‘do it yourself’ by the hand of Reformas Barcelona Low Cost

Many times we have pending issues to do at home and we do not know how to do them, so this week’s article is DIY for small reforms, such as:

  • minor repairs

and even just tighten a screw, but we always have time and we have a lot of repairs.

During these days and given the situation, what better time to do it, although many times we become procrastinators par excellence and they accumulate until they become an inconvenience and do not know how to start.

From Reformas Barcelona Low Cost we will give you some advice based on our extensive experience when doing or auto doing work at home, the famous “do it yourself”.

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Is it possible to redise or decorate our bathroom?

The reform of a bathroom will always or almost always be done at some point in our life, but if it works well for me and there is nothing broken, why would I do it?

Redesign or redecorate is something that for reasons of space or for issues of ventilation or lighting are necessary, so the answer is YES, it is possible to redesign the bathroom, so we will tell you later as… Read more »

HOME STAGING, what it is and how to apply it?

This anglicism is summed up in 2 main words: Time – Economy, by expanding this relation of words we see that by itself it is the common denominator in everything related to the real estate part.

Which is defined as Home Staging.

But what is it really?

When we have a property, we all want to give it a new face, improve it and more when you want to sell, as that great phrase says: Read more »

Interior reform flat in Murillo St. Step I

During the process of reforming a floor, an exhaustive analysis of the state of the floor, ceilings, walls, floors, structure, facilities, etc. must be made. Also verify the state or architectural or heritage value if needed, taking into account the very visible values ​​such as floors, tiling, glassware (windows, screens, lighting, etc.) as well as a certain type of finish or carpentry. Read more »