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The paint

Choose the paint: color, beauty and protection.


At the time of reforming the house, painting is one of the materials that will have the most visibility, because it is true that by itself it is capable of completely washing the face of a house until it looks like a new one. That is, apart from color, we do not usually worry about any other property when the truth is that not only embellishes a home, but also protects and cares for it.  Read more »

(Español) Open Concept

If you want to create or create a new concept, you do not have to go far, you can make an open concept, a space for everyone, the Open Concept.

1. How do you start to generate this new concept?

The current type of life makes changes at the level of life, food and even family, time and daily living is extremely short, so families are smaller and even only three members. This at the level of spaces makes it more open, diaphanous, visually fresher.

Everything also begins in the type of housing, space, structure, and the determining uses which play an important role when creating design, combining spaces that were previously not connected by those visual barriers or enclosures, to start giving step to transparency and how nice.

In smaller spaces it can be made compact but open and pleasant at the same time, being multipurpose spaces under the same concept.

espacios diafanos

2. How to take the main idea and translate it?

The main designer of a space is the person who will inhabit it or inhabit it, wanting a change in its space, and even anthropometrically given to the free movement that is going to be taken into account, larger corridors and even their elimination, more diaphanous and totally thought in the welfare of stay.

In this case it is very important to know what you want to do, how and how you would act in those spaces, on a rest day, and even work at home.


3. Are all the spaces suitable to create this concept?

When the analysis of what is going to be done is very important to see the size of the space, because if they are very large, it is not so convenient since there would be areas not so cozy but a large area relationally incommunicado but communicated only in a way visual, but if we apply it to spaces that are too small, it would seem that everything is encapsulated and the areas are not defined despite being open, being an open but very compact space.

It depends on the type of structure of the house or apartment, many times it is possible, but with some spatial modifications to be able to secure it structurally.

The most important thing is to have the concept of a professional that designs, poses and guarantees the client’s taste, but in a safe and functional way.

4. What types of elements are important to start applying the Open Concept?

When we refer to elements, we refer to elements that conjugate the power to enable these spaces in a harmonic way. At a structural level, it has to be analyzed before starting to reform, we can include metal elements (IPN, UPN, Lintel Beams, Columns), as well as vertical elements (Crystals, embedded screens, high-rise windows, etc.). even the change of pavement gives us that feeling of several spaces in one.

cocina americana

cocina americana

5. When you do it, could you apply changes in the future?

At the time it is carried out, it is taken into account why it is wanted to be carried out and with what objective, but when applying changes they should be very modest, due to the fact that structure is modified (in some cases) and it would be necessary to fill in and / or complement generating more works and extra expenses. Another aspect would be the loss of lighting and physical connection between the previously unified space.

For this reason, it is also important to be clear about the design that will be considered to be functional in the future and obviously in the present.

The OPEN CONCEPT is a spatial way to unify not so much the spaces, but the people who inhabit it, also having their privacy, but at the same time communicating the spatial relationships and being pleasant in each place of the house.


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Sliding doors: key for more space

If you still don’t know the sliding doors, you need to read this article. If you have a problem of space in your home, you can already list these types of doors for the next reform.

More and more customers dare with sliding doors and are delighted. It’s a way to go beyond the traditional and embrace innovation. Here are some categories of sliding doors. Which one is best suited to your home?

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Integral reform of kitchen

We start the year positively. We share with you recently completed renovations of kitchens.

Whether it is a comprehensive renovation or a single room, your home acquires a more comfortable environment and arouses your enthusiasm for seeing something new.

A reform is a change not only for your home but also for your well-being. When you feel good at home, you can relax and enjoy yourself.

The kitchen is one of the most important areas when thinking of reforming the house, since it is where we spend most of our time. Most clients prefer a spacious kitchen with plenty of natural light. When it comes of small areas, the clients usually tend to opt for clear colors, both in furniture and walls, to transmit the sensation of amplitude.

The reform of these kitchens has consisted of electrical installation, adapted to the work areas, to the distribution of electrical appliances and having a good supply of plugs. Plumbing work was also done, much needed in the case of old installations.

The tile is another work that has not been missing in these works and the false ceiling either, since it is very common among the options of the clients. This allows to insert halogens or downlights for lighting and is very discreet, as it hides other installations.

For the lining of floors and walls, our clients have already been able to choose between several houses with wich we work (Ferrolan, Leroy Merlin, La Plataforma, etc.), which offer good value for money.

Do your kitchen need a reform?