Complet refurbishment Tenor Tassini St. (bcn) 60 m2

In the old District of Sants we go towards Tenor Masini Street, one of the most iconic streets of the neighborhood as it connects two main roads of the sector and even the city, Av. Madrid and Carretera de Sants, where today this street It is a historical and gastronomic reference of the sector. In the old buildings of modern architecture, neoclassical architecture and typical Catalan architecture of the 1900, here is the new intervention to be made. Read more »

Portal vista exterior

Reform the building portal

Reform the building portal, what to do.

The portal of a building is the letter of presentation of your home, said in this way, it is the first impression before transferring to a more intimate area, since it is the common area totally visible to neighbors and visitors.  Read more »