Walls, floors and ceilings

It is advisable to use ceramic or other materials resistant to moisture on floors and walls, if you want materials that are not damaged relatively quickly with toileting. You can find quality materials from 10 € / m2 if looking good. Reserve paint for ceilings and only where there is no direct contact with water.

It is customary to place false ceilings in bathrooms to place recessed lighting and distribute facilities. Read more »

Keys for a 10 bathroom:

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  • The fittings become star pieces. Orders the latest designs, sleek, with full benefits. The sprinklers, pick them large.
  • Bathtubs and sinks acquire round shapes, almost sculptural. Among these models that integrate drawers and cabinets in an array are imposed.
  • Place the concealed cistern. You can hide the flushing mechanism in a low wall that also serves as a shelf.
  • A shower of work: they are very reliable and original for a modern bathroom. The shower is adjusted to the needs of stay gaining greater space efficiency. It offers a variety of finishes (relaxing stone, tile slip …). It can also be at the same level as the rest of the bathroom which is a significant advantage of accessibility.
  • Use the mix. Combine different coatings to create visual games and give relief to certain areas.
  • A trend that is gaining strength: integrates the bathroom into the bedroom, leaving two open spaces. Only the toilet is independent.
  • The bathroom as a sanctuary of absolute being. Saunas, bathtubs and cabins of hydro massage, UVA panels, Turkish baths, shower cascading … transforms the space into a hub of personal care.

Types of doors


The doors are elements that customize environments, help to make them more functional and provide them with style. It is important to choose the right door according to the function of the room, as this choice is that we can gain a few inches, improve thermal or acoustic insulation, or modify the distribution of the house. They can all be different, but they will follow a line and maintain common elements that would be in harmony when the doors are all closed.

The most important thing to consider is the height to give sense of uniformity. That’s why the doors are carefully chosen to undertake a reform or undertake the construction of a new home. To help you in this election, we will detail the characteristics of different types of dors most suitable for each room.

Entrance door

It is determined by the type of property. If it is in a neighboring building, will have to follow the model and finishes of the community, and you can customize the interior color of the door. If you live in a house, chances fan out and should be taken into account the architectural style (English, rustic, contemporary …) architectural style and other factors to choose a door model or another.

In any case, you may want to choose a model with glass at side or top to let enter light into the hall. Among the security doors, armored are the best choice because they have a mono block reinforced steel structure that make them more rigid. They also wear have security ironwork and metal frame and subframe that attach directly to the wall.

door2 Door for hall

In the old houses were frequently to have a double door with stained glass in the hall. They could be hinged or sliding, and still is a solution to be considered in many houses where the entrance is very dark. Now that many homes have opted for minimalism of open spaces, doors, if are available, try to go unnoticed. Therefore triumph models of sliding doors with tempered glass and ironwork at sight and built-in doors on a double partition wall.

If you opt for the traditional folding models, the choices are extensive, ranging from hardwoods to white lacquered doors (in classical or contemporary) with moldings, paneled or smooth and with different types of windows. The newest doors carry around glass reeds in steel instead of wood. The rest of the interior doors of the house often accompany the esthetic of the room, at least in the color of the finish.

Keep in mind that never lacquered doors are solid wood, but of DM of varying density, which tend to be cheaper than the others, although there are many grades of lacquer (the best is recommended for non-yellowing) .

Doors for kitchens

It is usual to put in the kitchen doors with translucent glass (in different compositions). Its main advantage is that it let light into the hallway or foyer and its main disadvantage is that frequent condensation that occurs in the kitchen makes it a lot of dirty, both in wood and in glass. A solution is to put aluminum doors, resisting many cleaning and hygiene maintained at an optimum, but the fact is that its use is not widespread in the residential area. Pantry and laundry with access from the kitchen can benefit from choosing a swinging door.

Doors for bathrooms

The bathrooms usually have a small area. You can always opt for a sliding model, possibly embedded in the wall, that leverages additional  1m2 surface. If the bathroom has no window, you can choose a door with translucent window, where you can collect natural light from another room or lit corridor.

Doors wardrobes

The doors of the wardrobes have experienced phenomenal momentum as the rooms of the new homes have been getting smaller. Sometimes it is necessary to replace the folding sliding doors or folding models for better use of space in the bedrooms. The models available are many, and although trend doors minimalist aesthetic, tempered glass and aluminum profiles, they coexist with traditional folding models.

Garage Door: best, fireproof

Single family homes often have a door in the hall or kitchen that gives direct access to the garage, when it is located in level of the  street. It is convenient access, but often in the garage, plus the car, we put the boiler and store products that may be flammable. It is a good idea to choose for a garage a fireproof door including a fireproof structure and frame.

General features you should consider is the standard measure of doors: between 72 and 82 cm wide and up to 2.12 m in height. That are resistant to a thickness of 3.5 cm is recommended, except for doors with glass.

Frequently Asked Questions

reformas barcelona low cost faq

What’s Reformas Barcelona Low Cost?

Reformas Barcelona Low Cost  is a company of reforms in Barcelona, which has professionals with extensive experience in the sector reforms. We all kind of reforms, from comprehensive reforms to reform the bathroom or kitchen remodeling, flooring, woodwork, paintings …. We realize reforms both floors as local and offices.

Professional, fast, clean and cheap reforms.

We are a modern and efficient reforms, and use technology and the Internet to facilitate the work of our professionals and our customers.

Why Low Cost?

Because at a time like this you have to give people what they need. It is always necessary to offer quality at a good price, but at a time like this is not only necessary but essential.

This is not to downgrade in quality, but the materials and find more quality-adjusted price. As for our work, we seek to lower the price through increased efficiency and coordination.

Our professionals know how to perform tasks in the most efficient manner, and will advise on those materials, having a good quality, you can find the best price on the market.

We will make your quality reform fits unmatched prices.

Are ye an Internet company?

No. We are a company of reforms in Barcelona. Internet use only as a tool to facilitate communication with customers.

How long you delay in budget reform?

We have professionals with extensive experience in the field of reforms and the large number of assumptions made allows us to perform advanced data with minimal budgets and very tight to the ultimate reality. Moreover our management system allows us to develop and bring you the budget reform in a very short time.

Do you do online budgets?

If you wish, providing some approximate data we will provide our budget reform online without commitment via e-mail. This is an advanced budget, if you are interested would be reviewed at home, store or office. However, in our experience, the most common is that if you bring the data are correct and do not forget important details online budgets reform are valid without significant changes.

In any case we always prefer the visit before assessing the work, but that is up to you.

What information should I provide for budget reform?

With a few data it is enough for a rough estimate, but the more information you provide us easier it will be the final budget after the visit closely resembles the advanced budget online.
As our name suggests we are dedicated to reforms in Barcelona.

You must tell the town or district of Barcelona, the square footage of the rooms / floor for which want reform and the data that you consider relevant. Ideally, if you have it, is you give us a plane with the current state, and a sketch of the reform you want to perform. If you do not have it, do not worry, we will make budget reform with the information you have available: you know better than anyone reform data you want to perform.

How long you delay in starting a reform?

Usually the beginning of the reform is almost immediate, once we agree. We have different teams, all with extensive experience, and this allows us to efficiently assign reforms that arise.

And how you delay in carrying out a reform?

Well, not surprisingly, that depends on the ‘depth’ of reform. Our professionals will eventually reform as soon as possible, but unhurried affecting the quality of work. We are interested more than anyone end soon efficiently and with quality.

Do I have tax deductions for reform my home?

In fact. You have the advantage of being able to support a reduced VAT of 10% (instead of the general rate of 21%). You can also enjoy a tax deduction of income (income tax) for amounts devote to the reform of your residence.

If you plan to spend your home to rent, you can also deducirte those amounts.

We will provide all the detailed information on the tax benefits, as well as the necessary documentation able to apply.

Reform Kitchen

When someone is considering the reform of a house, one of the first rooms in which he thinks is the kitchen. And it is normal. The kitchen is one of those places in the house where we spent much of our time: If the kitchen is large, it allows you to have lunch and dinner, and if it is small, surely someone will spend a lot of time using it.

So what aspects would be important to consider in the reform of our kitchen?

In the first place you have to make a composition of the place, trying if possible to locate the places where we will spend more time near natural light (if we are lucky enough to have natural light in the kitchen). It is very convenient to make a small plan with what you want, and review all the elements that are going to be necessary, checking your location so that nothing is left pending.

For the placement of all the elements in the kitchen you have to take into account the columns and beams, and also have the possibility of pulling and building new partitions that modify the structure of our kitchen.

If it is not possible to have natural light it will be necessary to design the spaces so that they have a good and comfortable lighting. If you have any doubts about this, let yourself be advised by the reform company, since they have ample experience on how many and where to place the necessary lighting points. We must also think that the work areas should also be well provided with plugs, which avoid the bulky and always more dangerous ‘thieves’.

On the other hand, if the kitchen is a few years old it is always recommendable, in some cases practically imperative, to renew all the plumbing of the same. Do not save in this aspect, because it does not make sense. Plumbing is not an expensive job, the old facilities do not have the quality of the current, and it would be a real pity that your beautiful new kitchen had to undergo plumbing repairs that could damage the new tiling.

It is a good option to place stoneware or other resistant and easy-to-clean materials on the walls of the work area, and taking into account that the kitchen is a place that requires constant cleaning, it is not a bad idea, even if you prefer the painting to the tiling, tiling up to a certain height at least the rest of the walls.

The colors to choose depend a lot on the tastes but it is important to take into account the following: if your kitchen is not large or very bright you have to choose very clear colors, otherwise you could end up being a bit claustrophobic. Dark colors will also require more powerful lighting since they do not reflect light.

An element that can help to gain some space in the kitchen is the placement of sliding doors, which can be external or recessed (much more expensive when requiring partitioning). Given the normally reduced spaces that are counted in the kitchens is an option to assess.

In the ceiling it is very common to place false ceilings that allow to insert halogens or downlights for lighting, and hide other installations, and that can be made of plasterboard or with metal profiles.

It is not always easy to locate in our new kitchen all the elements that we had in mind, or to place them so that their use is comfortable. A very important aspect to consider when deciding how to reform a kitchen is the location and opening of appliances so that their use does not negatively influence the places of passage.

For example, the intersection of the opening area of ​​the refrigerator doors and the entrance doors to the kitchen or to the clothes line is the typical problem that often remains unresolved. However, especially if there are going to be several users of the kitchen concurrently, it should be tried to interfere as little as possible, because its use will be constant.

Home appliances
As for the appliances, you should look for the ideal location of each of these elements (not necessarily all): refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer (usually placed on the clothesline, when available), oven and hob (gas, electric, mixed, ceramic or induction).

The extractor hood (removable cassette 60 cm, or decorative 90 cm usually), can go with conduit for ventilation or with filters if there is no possibility of ventilation).

And why not? If you are going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you may want to install a medium-sized television that allows you to cook or eat in a pleasant way, especially if you are going to be alone for a long time. If this is the case, remember that it will be necessary to warn the operators that a television antenna socket is desired.

Kitchen furniture
Other elements to consider

Reformes integrals Barcelona

The Complete Refurbishment at home, stays and concepts

Reforms at home

Here you will find various information about reforms, both general information such as advice and knowledge to perform the various reforms: the comprehensive reform, reform kitchen, reforms in the bathrooms, floors, exterior carpentry, partitions, etc …

reforma integral barcelona

Comprehensive reform
Do you have a floor that does not suit your needs, you uncomfortable or you just purchased? Do you want to move house and there is no way to sell yours, or do not get them to give you a loan? You can not rent your apartment, home or office because it is empty …

refomas low cost

Reforming the kitchen
When someone housing reform, one of the first rooms where the kitchen is thought arises. And it is normal. The kitchen is one of those places in the house where we spent much of our time: If the kitchen is large and can eat breakfast …

reforma piso barcelona

Bath reform
The bathroom, toilets; not exactly one of the side parts of the house. It is an intimate corner, where you should find yourself at ease. It is therefore one of the places where reform is appreciated. Sometimes the reform of the bathroom is done for reasons of …

Parquet care
Parquet (or parquet if we take the original French word) is a very decorative element for our soils, a warm and comfortable material, but requires maintenance to look like we want. This maintenance, which must be periodically performed every certain number of years depending on usage.

reformas integrales barcelona

Changing a flat wall “gotelé”
It is already known that times pass, and with them the fashions or tastes. In many home renovation changing face of the walls of the house it is requested. It is common to take advantage of comprehensive reforms of housing to change the “gotelé” for smooth wall.

We carry out complete and new facilities, with newsletters, electricity, plumbing, gas and air conditioning, we have the best professionals, installers and industrial to update your facilities.

You can request a free online quote for your home reform Reforms Barcelona Low Cost.

We are the real business of reforms Barcelona Low cost, reliable, fast and economical. Please provide your details and see.

Comprehensive reforms: Tips to get it right.

La reforma integral

 reformas integrales barcelona
¿Tienes un piso que no se adapta a tus necesidades, que te resulta incómodo, que acabas de adquirir o que quieres alquilar?

¿Quieres cambiar de casa y no hay manera de vender la tuya, o no consigues que te den un préstamo?

¿No puedes alquilar tu piso, local u oficina vacío porque está hecho un desastre?

Cambian los tiempos, hay que adaptarse

La crisis está provocando un cambio de mentalidad en lo que antes era un comportamiento habitual ante estas situaciones. Ya no es tan fácil vender el piso o local, así que hay que sacarle la rentabilidad de alguna manera al que tenemos, ya sea en bienestar mientras disfrutamos de él o reformándolo para que sea posible alquilarlo.

Todas estas situaciones tienen ahora, en muchos casos, una buena solución: una reforma integral. No será nuevo, pero puede parecerse bastante.

No están los tiempos para invertir mucho dinero, y sin embargo se puede abordar una reforma integral de la vivienda barata sin renunciar a la calidad; una reforma que te permita volver a vivir cómodamente en tu piso sin afrontar grandes gastos, y sobretodo, sin solicitar a los bancos la temida (y casi siempre denegada) hipoteca.

Piensa primero en la forma de tu vivienda…

Para realizar la reforma integral de tu vivienda lo primero que tienes que pensar es cómo deben quedar distribuidos los espacios en tu hogar tras la reforma, para que hagan tu vida más agradable.

Decide si deseas tirar tabiques o levantar nuevos, si prefieres un piso más bien diáfano o mas compartimentado. Si puedes ganar nuevos espacios o aprovechar de mejor manera la luz natural.

Si tienes la idea de usar la reforma de tu hogar para cambiar la distribución, te podemos hacer un plano de tú piso, y retoca las partes que creas que puedes mejorar. No suele ser difícil deducir qué es un tabique y qué una pared maestra.

Ten en cuenta que es mejor mantener la ubicación de cocinas y baños (aunque se puede ampliar o modificar su estructura) para no tener que alargar innecesariamente instalaciones de toma de suministros o desagües, o forzar codos en tuberías o faltas de pendiente que puedan traer problemas.

.. y después en como vestirla


Por empezar con la parte externa de la casa, piensa en si es necesario sustituir las ventanas, la carpinteria exterior. Este es uno de los costes que más se amortizan si tienes ventanas antiguas o que no cierran bien. El aislamiento, tanto térmico como acústico, que pueden proporcionarte las modernas carpinterias en aluminio (rotura de puente térmico, doble acristalamiento y otras técnicas) o PVC, te proporcionaran un importante ahorro en energía manteniendo el calor en invierno y el frío en verano, y está disponible en diferentes colores. La calidad de las persianas también puede determinar el aislamiento térmico que logremos para la vivienda.


Si deseas mejorar la seguridad del hogar o del local puedes aprovechar la reforma para cambiar la puerta de acceso, instalando una puerta blindada o reforzada.

Las puertas interiores del piso pueden ser sustituidas en diferentes calidades, en incluso variar funcionalmente para aprovechar espacios. En algunos casos una puerta corredera (empotrada o externa al mismo) puede ser una estupenda opción para ganar comodidad.

Instalaciones del hogar

Las instalaciones a ubicar en el piso (instalación eléctrica, fontanería, calefacción, aire acondicionado,…) deben decidirse en este momento, ya que habrá que aprovechar paredes y techos para poder ubicar cables y tuberías, y el resto de elementos deberán contar con ellas para determinar su ubicación. Aprovecha la ocasión para dimensionar bien la instalación de calefacción y aire acondicionado, y piensa bien en puntos de luz, enchufes, teléfono y televisión.


Es muy común aprovechar los baños cocinas y pasillos para construir falsos techos por donde poder distribuir las instalaciones, que se aprovechan además para  colocar iluminación por halógenas empotradas. Si necesitas capacidad de almacenaje y la altura de tus techos lo permite puedes construir altillos en los pasillos o abrir nuevos registros de acceso en altillos existentes. Piensa también si prefieres reformar o construir armarios empotrados.


En cuanto a los suelos, lo más habitual y acogedor es la tarima flotante en todo el interior a excepción de suelos y cocinas, en los que el material más habitual es el gres.


Respecto al revestimiento de las paredes, piensa además de en la forma de la superficie (lisa , gotelé, etc..) y el color para pintar las paredes, en si deseas aislar ruidos o instalar cornisas decorativas.

Reforma de cocina y baños

Para la reforma de la cocina y la reforma del baño es importante, dado el espacio limitado con el que normalmente contamos, decidir cuántos electrodomésticos (frigorífico, campana extractora, microondas, horno, placa de vitrocerámica, gas o inducción, lavadora, lavavajillas, etc…) u  otros elementos (lavabo, bidé, ducha, bañera, etc…) situaremos, teniendo en cuenta donde se encuentran las bajantes  y la incidencia de las puertas y ventanas sobre los diferentes elementos (mamparas, armarios). No sobrecargues el espacio si dispones de un espacio limitado y el elemento a colocar no es imprescindible, y piensa en posibles soluciones para provechar los espacios muertos para almacenaje.

Otros aspectos de las reformas

Hay diversos aspectos derivados a la reforma que hay que tener en cuenta.

Si la reforma afecta a elementos estructurales será necesario solicitar los permisos correspondientes. En el caso de las reformas en Barcelona los permisos pueden ser diferentes para reformas en Barcelona capital o en otros municipios.

Además es conveniente avisar con antelación a los vecinos de los trabajos que se van a realizar y la duración prevista de los mismos, ya que los momentos incómodos se convierten en menos incómodos cuando se evita el factor sorpresa. De todas formas, salvo casos puntuales los vecinos entienden perfectamente la necesidad de realizar reformas, ya que seguramente ellos mismos las habrán realizado en alguna ocasión.

Los operarios deberán asegurar la protección y limpieza de los elementos comunes de la finca donde realicen sus trabajos (ascensores, escaleras, etc…), que contribuirán a evitar los problemas mencionados.

El presupuesto de reforma integral

Si tu presupuesto te lo permite haz todo lo que puedas de una sola vez. Si alguna vez has realizado obras en casa habrás comprobado que, por muy bien que los operarios la realicen no es una experiencia que se desee repetir muy a menudo.

Si dispones de un presupuesto limitado la mejor manera de actuar es plantearte, de una manera realista, cuál es la reforma que te gustaría hacer, y después cuál es la reforma que te puedes permitir. Es posible que en el futuro puedas realizar la reforma soñada, pero sería una pena que la reforma actual te lo impidiera.

Tanto por falta de presupuesto como si solo necesitas reformar ciertas estancias es posible que te plantees solo una reforma parcial de casa, y que por tanto no necesites pensar de manera tan global. En cualquier caso debes tomar tu tiempo para pensar como quieres hacer la reforma y cuando tengas una idea clara, déjate asesorar por profesionales que te podrán ayudar a realizar tu idea de la mejor manera o retocarla para que se adapte de mejor manera, y más barata, a tus necesidades.

Y recuerda que la reforma integral de tu casa no tiene por qué costar un dineral. Puedes conseguir una reforma integral con una excelente relación calidad-precio.

Puedes solicitar un presupuesto on-line gratuito sin compromiso para la reforma a Reformas Barcelona Low Cost. Somos una empresa de reformas en Barcelona, fiable, rápida y económica. Facilítanos los datos de tu reforma y compruébalo.