Keys for a 10 bathroom:

Artículo 2
  • The fittings become star pieces. Orders the latest designs, sleek, with full benefits. The sprinklers, pick them large.
  • Bathtubs and sinks acquire round shapes, almost sculptural. Among these models that integrate drawers and cabinets in an array are imposed.
  • Place the concealed cistern. You can hide the flushing mechanism in a low wall that also serves as a shelf.
  • A shower of work: they are very reliable and original for a modern bathroom. The shower is adjusted to the needs of stay gaining greater space efficiency. It offers a variety of finishes (relaxing stone, tile slip …). It can also be at the same level as the rest of the bathroom which is a significant advantage of accessibility.
  • Use the mix. Combine different coatings to create visual games and give relief to certain areas.
  • A trend that is gaining strength: integrates the bathroom into the bedroom, leaving two open spaces. Only the toilet is independent.
  • The bathroom as a sanctuary of absolute being. Saunas, bathtubs and cabins of hydro massage, UVA panels, Turkish baths, shower cascading … transforms the space into a hub of personal care.