Reformas Barcelona Low Cost: Interior design

Diseño de interiores

Interior design projects When it comes to renovating our home it is highly recommended to have an interior design project. Some interior design projects carried out by our architects, with proven experience, will help us to redistribute the interior space of our living rooms in a conceptual way and adapted to our personality.

Complete Refurbihsment in local malls

This time attached a selection of works that have made reforms in local at a money lowcost and formidable results. Fast, simple and economical.  

Reformas Barcelona Low Cost: Bathrooms

Cuartos de baño

Spectacular collection of bathrooms made in the works of our clients during these last years. Do not miss it !!! There is for all tastes and colors.  

Reformas Barcelona Low Cost: CABINETS

We present a photographic collection of our works in which our clients have contracted the supply and the placement of cabinets. Built-in wardrobes, custom cabinets, economic, design … ask us for information without commitment.