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What mirror to choose for your bathroom?

Mirror, mirror, make my bathroom prettier!

Today we are going to present a few tips that you have to look for when choosing the bathroom mirror. The mirrors have the power to change the aesthetics of a specific place and can also give the feeling of spaciousness, if it´s positioned correctly.

In a bathroom we choose the mirror as much for a practical function as for a decorative one. To make the right decision when buying, keep in mind the following elements:

The lighting.

First of all you have to make sure that there are enough light sources in the bathroom. It is useless to look for the perfect mirror if there is no balance between natural and artificial light. In this case you can choose a modern mirror with incandescent lights or you can choose something classic with two side applications to complement the intensity of light.

The dimension.

If you want your bathroom to look more spacious and illuminated, medium and large mirrors are the best choice. You can choose a mirror that reaches the height of the waist or you can “sacrifice” a whole wall to create even more breadth.

The shape

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Before choosing the shape of the mirror it is recommended that you look at the other objects in your bathroom. For example, if the square shape predominates in your bathroom, then buy a square mirror as well.


With frame vs. Frameless

A frameless mirror will give simplicity to the decoration and more depth to a bathroom of small dimension. A black frame is perfect for a contemporary style, while a bright one will make your bathroom a more welcoming place.

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