Complet refurbishment Tenor Tassini St. (bcn) 60 m2

In the old District of Sants we go towards Tenor Masini Street, one of the most iconic streets of the neighborhood as it connects two main roads of the sector and even the city, Av. Madrid and Carretera de Sants, where today this street It is a historical and gastronomic reference of the sector. In the old buildings of modern architecture, neoclassical architecture and typical Catalan architecture of the 1900, here is the new intervention to be made. The client Soraya, told us the idea that she had to carry out the reform in her house, she wanted open spaces and to regenerate totally and adding new spaces inside the house.

Initially he commented to us to make the kitchen totally diaphanous with the social area, I request a simple but effective kitchen when it comes to meet and meet the needs in reference to the one that existed before the reform. In the other spaces were modulated in two, to which the new approach was to gain a new space and improve the areas. This floor when making the assessment was estimated to generate those spaces, but directing it towards natural lighting if suppose a visual barrier between the social and intimate zone.

The tasks carried out in the reform are described below:

  • Removal of appliances
  • Start electrical, gas and plumbing installation
  • Demolition of partitions
  • Removal of doors
  • Start and demolition of elements in the bathroom.
  • Demolition old kitchen
  • Survey of areas with affected soils
  • Restoration and improvement of the Catalan vault (volta)
  • New electrical, gas and plumbing installation
  • Lighting
  • New kitchen
  • Floors
  • Lift walls
  • Bathroom reform


At the time of the evaluation, the main axis of the reform was to gain new spaces, as well as to give new life to the environments, such as the kitchen, provide better lighting and improve the roof.

Work begins with the start of the old elements of the kitchen, electros, soil, then the demolition of the back wall where the two old rooms were, as well as the demolition of the bathroom tile and existing ceramic materials.

It generates the start of electrical installations, plumbing and finally gas. In the area of ​​the bathroom a small demolition of a low wall is made to gain amplitude in the later area of ​​the same, and later the existing false ceiling.

The removal of the interior carpentry, with its respective subframes, as well as the removal of the decorations on the walls. Subsequently, the sanitation is carried out in the areas where the facilities were chopped. The existing exposed brick wall in the room was kept independent.

Work schedule

Initially the demolition and extractions work was carried out reaching approximately a work rate during a week. Subsequently to give shape to the work were used three weeks between works of facilities (throughout the house), false ceilings (intimate area and kitchen) and carpentry (int and ext), kitchen tiling, in parallel was intervened in the bathroom the installation of the ceramic material and the subsequent elements and accessories, the installation of the floor is made. In the fifth week the kitchen is installed, leaving as a point of origin the adjoining brick wall that gives a rustic but modern touch to the floor that reaches the entire dining room.

Between week 4 and 5 work began on the restoration of the existing Catalan vault and very typical of the buildings in this area, improving its appearance and the structure of load-bearing wood. The brick of the vault is cleaned and curing and varnishing of the joists. Finally the exterior carpentry change and the installation of aluminum carpentry with thermal bridge break is done. Finally the painting of general auctions of the house.

New spaces

A new enclosure is generated, thus gaining a new room composed of natural lighting. The races are held to apply new facilities to finish this chapter. The client pointed us to improve this space to be able to use either as a study or room.

The electrical installation of the pre-installations and electrical panel adapted to the regulations is updated. With their respective boxes, boxes, and pipes embedded in walls and floors previously dribbled and sanitized.

The lighting was distributed in order to reach the coverage of the house and its spaces, all these points of light being white and halogen with their respective mechanisms of switches and sockets.

The new plumbing is also done in kitchen, bathroom and laundry embedded in walls previously dribbled and sanitized and placement of drainage points.

In wooden carpentry, swing doors with semi-smooth characteristics are placed to paint by color to choose pre-lacquered, with their respective elements.


In the new bathroom The new electrical installation, plumbing and PVC are made, in addition to the plasterboard ceiling. At the moment of beginning the finishing work in the bathroom, the tiling of the stoneware is placed on the floor with its respective borada. Once finished, the overflowing of walls with mortar and placement of stoneware tiles with subsequent finishing in their joints begins.

It is used as furniture slate-type shower tray with shower column, screen, lady-type toilet and bathroom cabinet with taps, mirror and sink.


In the kitchen the electrical installations, plumbing, PVC and ventilation are previously carried out, the area is re-sanded. It is applied later rebosado with mortar to tile between furniture at half height, also application on the parquet floor AC5 on the entire floor except in the bathroom. The rest of plastered walls and painted with plastic paint.

The furniture consists of the Max Blanco type with aluminum made by the company BC3, the gray granite worktop is installed and the first brand appliances installed by the same kitchen company.

Living room

The painting of the walls with white plastic paint, previous sanding and putty, except the area of ​​the diaphanous room which is a brick wall, also painted white, as well as the same color for the plasterboard ceiling. The carpentry in white aluminum with glass double glass and camera of different models and length in its leaves. The installation of Majorcan is done giving an important feature to the floor and the facade in architectural harmony.

The installation of the air conditioning was made with a machine type Split Inverter of 3000 frigorías, with its respective installation and drain and supply pipe.

Special work on the roof

The resanado, applied protective and sanding and painted wooden beams that compose it. This cover of Catalan volta by request of the client these works were made giving a better visual of the area of the living room and one of the rooms.

The architectural concept in which this reform was visualized was to open to the social area a unique space that can be used as an interconnection between the intimate and social areas. This reform has given a new face to the floor without losing the original essence with exposed brick walls and with its roof acquiring a classic character but at the same time modern, with the satisfaction of the client thus seeing his idea of ​​reform but without Take it to the “total modernization” and continue being a floor of Sants from inside •