Instal·lacions, enrajolats, terres, mobiliari i electrodoméstics.
Instal·lacions, enrajolats, terres, plats de dutxa, etc.
Reformes Integrals
Habitacions, menjadors, distribuidors, pasillos, sostres, falsos sostres, parquet, terres ceràmics, etc.
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Why Reforms Barcelona Low Cost Is A Good Choice?

Our banks are BBVA  and  SANTANDER


  • Our goal is to work with the HIGHEST QUALITY, professionalism and confidence, starting from very reasonable prices.
  • We distinguish ourselves, apart from being economical, by our vocation of service and personalized follow-up of each work, based on the needs and desires of the client.
  • We can proudly say that we have almost 100% satisfied customers in the last 4 years, so customers and collaborators congratulate us and recommend.
  • See our list of Satisfied Customers attached.  
  • All our staff have extensive experience and are insured. In addition, as a company we have liability insurance.
  • –When compared with other companies, note that in Reformas Barcelona Low Cost YES we include all the necessary and usual works for a complete reform (we avoid surprises).


  • For all our reforms we select half-indicative ranges by default, and obviously the final choice will be the customer’s. We always help and advise on the choice of materials
  • See attached our summary of stores and type materials with which we usually work


  • We are specialists in reforms, acting throughout the urban area of Barcelona.
  • Advanced initial budget: if you contact us and detail the work to be carried out, we can send you an approximate budget as quickly as possible (usually on the same day)
  • Ask us for a quote and we will give you an appointment as far in advance and in the schedule that best suits your needs
  • – If necessary, we offer to visit one of our latest works.

PHASES OF THE WORK: Example of a standard reform of floor of 75m2

We always finish our work within the deadlines

  • 1st week: general extractions, general rethinking together with the client and start of installations
  • 2-3rd week: partitioning, electrical and water installation, heating start
  • 4-5th week: finishing installations, gas installation and heating, false battered ceilings
  • 6-7th week: scaled and masillated, tiled, finish heating installation
  • 8-9th week: painting, window mounting, earth assembly, doors
  • 10-11th week: mechanisms, air conditioning, kitchen and bathroom furniture, final rowing, cleaning and exit

It is an approximate general planning and pending adjust to personalized budget (more or less duration).