Walls, floors and ceilings

It is advisable to use ceramic or other materials resistant to moisture on floors and walls, if you want materials that are not damaged relatively quickly with toileting. You can find quality materials from 10 € / m2 if looking good. Reserve paint for ceilings and only where there is no direct contact with water. […]

The Complete Refurbishment at home, stays and concepts

Reforms at home Here you will find various information about reforms, both general information such as advice and knowledge to perform the various reforms: the comprehensive reform, reform kitchen, reforms in the bathrooms, floors, exterior carpentry, partitions, etc … Comprehensive reform Do you have a floor that does not suit your needs, you uncomfortable or […]

Comprehensive reforms: Tips to get it right.

La reforma integral ¿Tienes un piso que no se adapta a tus necesidades, que te resulta incómodo, que acabas de adquirir o que quieres alquilar? ¿Quieres cambiar de casa y no hay manera de vender la tuya, o no consigues que te den un préstamo? ¿No puedes alquilar tu piso, local u oficina vacío porque […]