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Reforms at home

Here you will find various information about reforms, both general information such as advice and knowledge to perform the various reforms: the comprehensive reform, reform kitchen, reforms in the bathrooms, floors, exterior carpentry, partitions, etc …

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Comprehensive reform
Do you have a floor that does not suit your needs, you uncomfortable or you just purchased? Do you want to move house and there is no way to sell yours, or do not get them to give you a loan? You can not rent your apartment, home or office because it is empty …

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Reforming the kitchen
When someone housing reform, one of the first rooms where the kitchen is thought arises. And it is normal. The kitchen is one of those places in the house where we spent much of our time: If the kitchen is large and can eat breakfast …

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Bath reform
The bathroom, toilets; not exactly one of the side parts of the house. It is an intimate corner, where you should find yourself at ease. It is therefore one of the places where reform is appreciated. Sometimes the reform of the bathroom is done for reasons of …

Parquet care
Parquet (or parquet if we take the original French word) is a very decorative element for our soils, a warm and comfortable material, but requires maintenance to look like we want. This maintenance, which must be periodically performed every certain number of years depending on usage.

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Changing a flat wall “gotelé”
It is already known that times pass, and with them the fashions or tastes. In many home renovation changing face of the walls of the house it is requested. It is common to take advantage of comprehensive reforms of housing to change the “gotelé” for smooth wall.

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