Reform the portal of the building. Typologies

In a previous chapter we commented on howtomake interventions in our portal or community lobby area, that area that is our distribution to the houses. But what is it that makes it attractive besides being the articulating axis in our building? DESIGN TYPOLOGIES When we talk about design we enter into the purest concept of […]

Revaluate your housing thanks to the reform.

Does the word REVALUATE sound very interesting, if, when we focus on it we always think of added value or an increase in its value, many times we want to apply it to everything, be this in one way or another, but how we revalue a real estate space or even an article, but the […]

How to adapt the housing to the pandemic

How to adapt the housing to the pandemic Social distancing from the architectural or design point of view has to be applied beyond the crowded areas in our most common spaces, be they work, the place where we buy and in our houses. But, and how? Given that these times are changing at a general […]

DIY ‘do it yourself’ by the hand of Reformas Barcelona Low Cost

Many times we have pending issues to do at home and we do not know how to do them, so this week’s article is DIY for small reforms, such as: minor repairsconditionfix and even just tighten a screw, but we always have time and we have a lot of repairs. During these days and given […]

HOME STAGING, what it is and how to apply it?

This anglicism is summed up in 2 main words: Time – Economy, by expanding this relation of words we see that by itself it is the common denominator in everything related to the real estate part. Which is defined as Home Staging. But what is it really? When we have a property, we all want […]

How to prepare the house for a reform?

Details and how to make a comprehensive reform in barcelona or urban area We go on to detail concepts and ideas for the complete execution part by part of a comprehensive reform of a flat or house, which can also serve as an idea for partial renovations, or renovations of bathrooms, or renovations of kitchens, […]

Interior reform flat in Murillo St. Step I

During the process of reforming a floor, an exhaustive analysis of the state of the floor, ceilings, walls, floors, structure, facilities, etc. must be made. Also verify the state or architectural or heritage value if needed, taking into account the very visible values ​​such as floors, tiling, glassware (windows, screens, lighting, etc.) as well as […]