Interior reform flat in Murillo St. Step I

During the process of reforming a floor, an exhaustive analysis of the state of the floor, ceilings, walls, floors, structure, facilities, etc. must be made. Also verify the state or architectural or heritage value if needed, taking into account the very visible values ​​such as floors, tiling, glassware (windows, screens, lighting, etc.) as well as a certain type of finish or carpentry.

Another aspect to take into account is due to the possible difficulties to be carried out, since they can be complex or simple around what you want to project or perform, there are complicated processes that lead to a somewhat complex reform since certain aspects to conserve, but without causing any damage, taking into account the necessary care to execute said work, in many cases to protect the floor, some walls, ceilings among others. Like, in addition, it also facilitates the moment to make everything completely new, giving a complete turn and converting the totally new work.


In the work that shows a continuation, it is chosen or carried out in accordance with the complex phase, the apartment located in the 19th century murillo street of Barcelona, ​​fully entered into the forecast to carry out the reform with certain observations marked by the client, among them, the conservation and care during the phase of the work of many elements, among the most outstanding the beams of carved wood and the very well preserved hydraulic pavement.

When the order was made by the client, he defined and demarcated the activities carried out for maintenance or conservation, as well as new complications within the floor, enclosures, new facilities, carpentry, etc.

Constructive process

Initially the shoring of the roof is made, since these elements are used to identify its stability during the works, in addition the removal of some parts of the hydraulic pavement, such as the installation of new ones.

Subsequently, the removal of layers of paint on the wall and cleaning of the exposed brick is performed, some parts of the hydraulic pavement are removed to include a support structure for the wall, the steel reinforcement is carried out and subsequent application of grouting type concrete thus generating the “ foundation ”of this interior wall.

Once completed, the electrical installation is carried out, regattas are carried out in the stipulated areas, and the installation of the pipe and boxes of sockets and switches.

In the complementary areas, soil leveling works are carried out in some areas and work begins in the bathroom and kitchen area, the existing pavement is removed, elements are removed and work is started with the preparation of surface for tiling, later its installation and the placement of the elements, shower tray, sanitary ware and sink, finally the installation of the new flooring, in the kitchen the walls were tiled preserving the existing floor.

Subsequently, the work is carried out on the wooden beams, the scraping, curing and reinforcement of these are carried out, then the special white paint that protects and decorates them.


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