How to turn a floor into disrepair, into a piece of great real estate value.

At the moment of having a property that for various reasons we want to sell or through specialized entities, it is often long and even after many visits by interested persons. This may extend or lose interest depending on the state in which you are or the type of intervention to be performed.

In this case, what would be the most viable?

Before a question of this type or the need of the moment immediately comes to mind is a makeup or a basic intervention, but many times we know that this may be a long time to make improvements in the rest of the property, and it is here when we consider integral reform.

It is also true that it goes in condition of what you want to invest to then make it profitable with the sale or simply make improvements that do not involve much cost, but at the same time the sale is equally profitable.

cocina en mal estado


How do we begin this journey of intervention?

We will always analyze our housing environment, see if there are problems of dampness, paint, aging elements, installations according to regulations, floors, walls, doors or the type of carpentry. Whether outside the context of the reform, interior decoration or decorative elements.

According to the observed need, we will start to evaluate the type of solution and with it a budget, in which the type of materials, measurements and therefore the values ​​of that intervention will have to be defined, and with this we can define what is more economically viable, if the general reform or a partial intervention. Another very important subject is to know the duration of the works, since this according to we could be interested or not.

reforma cocina

Once we have defined everything, we put ourselves to work with the company that we hire to start the corresponding tasks, as long as and according to the type of reform, always be careful with the areas that are in good condition.

baño a reformar

baño reformado

In reality, it would be profitable to venture to reform before selling?

At first glance it may seem a bit unsafe to invest a certain amount of money, without knowing if it will be amortized in months or even years, so many times the reforms have to be planned at the time or according to the forecasts for a certain type of investment. property.

Even today, it is also viable to provide the house with technological elements that make housing more attractive, as well as expensive in the face of a sale, but we already solve several issues in a single work or intervention.

Once all these doubts have been resolved, the apartment or property can be appreciated in another way if the integral reform is chosen, since it will be very attractive for the buyer or the investor who seeks to obtain a reformed property without complications in the future and even with the innovative elements, style and with the guarantee that you will not invest in making improvements.

We can also rely on a professional interior design to give a touch not so personal, but if pleased, to become in that great piece of real estate which we give added value made interventions.[:]

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