Trends in bathroom reforms

Trends in bathroom reforms When reforming the bathroom we must take into account that the traditional is maintained, but the new trends are imposed, we mean the new shapes, colors, finishes, lighting of elements and even some minimalist concepts. The aspect of this will depend on how we set it up or imagine it, we […]

Bathroom renovations

As well as kitchen renovations, new bathroom renovations are one of the main elements in any renovation, whether full or partial. Next, we go on to expose and detail the different elements and practical issues when reforming a bathroom to make it new, and the recommendations on the purchase of materials. One of the options, which is […]

Is it possible to redise or decorate our bathroom?

The reform of a bathroom will always or almost always be done at some point in our life, but if it works well for me and there is nothing broken, why would I do it? Redesign or redecorate is something that for reasons of space or for issues of ventilation or lighting are necessary, so […]

Comprehensive reform or partial reform?

It is a question that looks easy to answer at first glance, often the quickest response would be the comprehensive reform, but it is not always the most appropriate.

Floor refurbishment: How to choose tiles for the bathroom

Keys for a 10 bathroom: Reform Bathroom   Keys for a 10 bathroom: Reform Bathroom     Bathroom Furniture Walk-in showers   How to choose tiles for the bathroom When you are thinking to decorate or remodel your bathroom you always think in the furniture or in the shower or bath. But what about choosing […]

Walk-in showers

Floor rehabilitation: How to choose the tiles for the bathroom Bany mobiles Keys for a bathroom of 10:  The reform of the bathroom   Floor rehabilitation: How to choose the tiles for the bathroom bathroom furniture Keys for a ten bathroom: The bathroom renovation   Walk-in showers:  Walk-in showers seamlessly integrated into the bathtub surface are on […]

Bathroom Furniture

Bathrooms: furnish and decorate for your welfare For several years now, the trend is to decorate the bathrooms and treat them more like living rooms. Comfort, individuality, refined details and sophisticated solutions become more and more important. Therefore, more and more they requested the swimwear collections, both movable and health, creating a relaxed atmosphere with […]

Keys for a 10 bathroom:

The fittings become star pieces. Orders the latest designs, sleek, with full benefits. The sprinklers, pick them large. Bathtubs and sinks acquire round shapes, almost sculptural. Among these models that integrate drawers and cabinets in an array are imposed. Place the concealed cistern. You can hide the flushing mechanism in a low wall that also […]