Bathroom Furniture

  1. Bathrooms: furnish and decorate for your welfare

For several years now, the trend is to decorate the bathrooms and treat them more like living rooms. Comfort, individuality, refined details and sophisticated solutions become more and more important.java_light_oak

Therefore, more and more they requested the swimwear collections, both movable and health, creating a relaxed atmosphere with light. The new bathroom prefers sustainable and lasting timeless design.

The minimalist style is one of the most popular, with furniture of straight lines and purist finishes.

They are also trend furniture and sanitary suspended, generating real and visual space.

  1. Trends in colors and materials for bathrooms

The most important trends in colors are:

– Combinations of colors to create harmonious environments (discrete colors, earth tone matte or wood)espejo-luz-led-bano-74487-4176307

– Strong contrasts in two tones.

– Bright colors to create accents in the bathroom

– Panels of wood furniture

Furniture materials and sanitary are those created by new technologies alongside traditional:

The furniture is wooden, some in high brightness and colors. Wood, in contrast and in various shades, is part of some designs.

Bathroom fittings incorporate new materials, easy to clean and dirt-repellent corners and edges with pinpoint accuracy and strength, creating smooth surfaces and high gloss thanks to the composite of quartz crystals and acrylic.

  1. Mirrors in the bathroom, essential

Mirrors are very important in the design of a bathroom because they expand the room. The small bathrooms or guest bathrooms with mirrors appear larger. java_light_oakA current trend is the combination of illuminated mirrors. The wardrobes with mirrored fronts are also a very interesting resource bathrooms few meters.

The big new is that the mirrors incorporates gadgets. This is the case of mirrors with digital sound and speakers. This complete system is integrated invisibly in the mirror and activated by Bluetooth. Both iPhones, iPads and all other devices with Bluetooth can be used without any problem.

  1. Auxiliary furniture to maximize space

Auxiliary furniture, which are mainly used in small bathrooms, remain in high demand: columns, carts, furniture or shelves suspended. Cabinets with mirror are always a great solution because they have a valuable storage space.

  1. Lighting built-in furniture

The bathroom has become a real comfort zone. As a result, in addition to the high quality sanitary design elements and other elements that make up the bathroom, smart lighting provides a functional light makeup or shaving.

The light is part of the mirror, lockers, showers and even systems tub. With ambient light, the bathroom becomes a place of total relaxation.[:]

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