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A false ceiling is a design element that is located at a distance from the original ceiling, usually developed using prefabricated parts, which may be aluminum, plasterboard, plaster, steel, and other materials. These plates are placed overlapping the ceiling at a specific distance, being supported by metallic structures in most cases.

Every time is more frequent the use of false ceilings. Such ceilings are used very often in offices, businesses, commercial areas and new stores. This is because this type of alternative offers many advantages:

• Assembly is very simple, cheap and fast. Is remarkably profitable mount a false ceiling in front of the traditional system.

• Hidden fully electrical, piping, ventilation ducts, air conditioning or heating, etc … allowing access to them if necessary.

• The original roof is covered by the new recordable ceiling, if the ceiling is cracked, moisture or have old pipes is completely hidden from view.

• The qualities of durability of the materials of this system are excellent, so resist the ravages of time and use.

• Reduce the ceiling height. With this we obtain decrease the amount of air in the room, and hot or cold energy to bring the temperature of the room will be less.

• In the space between the original ceiling and the suspended ceiling can be installed drawers or small cabinets.

• It is an acoustic and thermal insulation.

There are two well-defined types of false ceilings, continuous ceilings or modular ceilings. Each is made by adopting different materials and different bearing capacities. Why not have the same benefits in the acoustic insulation or heat, and aesthetically show differences.

Continuous false ceilings are usually made of plaster or gypsum board. On installation, we should mention that their plates are manufactured in different thicknesses and are based on a structure formed by uprights. The joints between the ceiling tiles are made with tape and pastes. Once the roof is installed the surface is prepared to be painted. Within this category is continuous false ceilings and false semidirect continuous suspended ceilings.

In the case of modular false ceilings there is much more variety in the market. First of all, the materials that can be processed are varied. Among them we have: the fiber, chip wood, metal and even the plasterboard or plaster ultimately. This type of roof is built with square panels usually supported on the metal structure suspended.

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