3 interior decoration styles that inspire

Your home is your shelter, therefore, the more pleasant it is, the happier you will feel. Be it due to the colour of the walls, the model of the bed or that small detail next to the mirror, your house adopts its own personality.

False Ceiling

A false ceiling is a design element that is located at a distance from the original ceiling, usually developed using prefabricated parts, which may be aluminum, plasterboard, plaster, steel, and other materials. These plates are placed overlapping the ceiling at a specific distance, being supported by metallic structures in most cases. Every time is more […]

The Complete Refurbishment at home, stays and concepts

Reforms at home Here you will find various information about reforms, both general information such as advice and knowledge to perform the various reforms: the comprehensive reform, reform kitchen, reforms in the bathrooms, floors, exterior carpentry, partitions, etc … Comprehensive reform Do you have a floor that does not suit your needs, you uncomfortable or […]