3 interior decoration styles that inspire

Your home is your shelter, therefore, the more pleasant it is, the happier you will feel. Be it due to the colour of the walls, the model of the bed or that small detail next to the mirror, your house adopts its own personality.

Which of the following styles would you choose for  refurbishment at  your home:

Baroque style

It is characterized by its elegance, making us travel in the seventeenth century. Mostly, there are used light colours such as gray or beige, which are added to intense colours such as gold or black. The furniture that defines the Baroque style is based on curves and details, upholstered with materials such as velvet or taffeta. What do you think, does it define you?

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Image source: www.decopasion.com

Vintage style

There are things that never go out of style. If you are a big fan of the past generations’ style, this decoration is perfect for you. Create a warm and retro atmosphere by adding light colours and pastel tones, the latter being the key to vintage style. Do you like flowers? Enjoy them in prints on pillows, covers or walls. Remember to keep the balance in terms of quantity. They must be details.

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Image source: www.i-decoracion.com

Mediterranean style

Let enter in your home the freshness and warmth of the Mediterranean. The main actor of this style is the natural light. This has the maximum power, therefore, take out the thick fabrics or any furniture near the windows, since these don´t allow the direct entrance of the sun’s rays. Other features include white or stone walls, ceilings with wooden beams and coloured furniture such as olive green or ochre.

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Image source: magazine.solvia.es[:]

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