Types of ceilings low cost for your refurbishment

The low cost reforms are our speciality and therefore we show you some of the most economical ceilings for your home.

Wooden ceiling

Yes, you read it right! This type of ceiling turns out to be one of the most economical now, excepting some cases. We share with you a little secret: the more natural the wood is, the better price you’ll get. If you want to make your home a cozy place, this is the best option.

Plasterbroad false ceiling

Apart from being economical, compared to other materials, it’s also easy to install. Another advantage is represented by the fact that you can paint it, so you can customize your space and if you like the simple and discreet things, this ceiling is perfect for lighting that doesn’t stand out.

Plaster ceiling

This is the third low cost roof option. It’s very aesthetically like the one of plasteboard, but cheaper and is an industrial product derived from natural plaster.

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