Ideas to visually expand you hallway

If there is a hallway in your house that makes you feel claustrophobic, keep reading this article, it will surely help you.

Our first advice is to get out everything that can take up space in the hallway. The less furniture you have, the wider will seem. The next step is to become a fan of small details. Place some discreet lights, do not hang it from the ceiling, this way you will gain height in the corridor.

If you like to decorate the walls of your house and the hallway can not be an exception, we recommend choosing small paintings with light colors. You can organize them in a creative way on your wall, but without creating the sensation of weight on the walls.


Another idea, which we like very much, is to decorate the hall with mirrors. These wonders are a great help when it comes to expanding spaces. You can bet on maxi mirrors, which reach from the ceiling to the floor. There is a wide suitable for you. Also, you can choose some of medium size, with a thin and discreet branch.

If you have the possibility, depending on the type of your house and the place where the corridor is, you can install windows. According to your preferences and the hall style. Here you also find a wide variety of design, colors and sizes.

We finish the article sharing with you the latest idea, which turn out to be the simplest. Paint your hallway in white. This color visually expands the space and also dresses your home with elegance and brings light.

Which of these options would you choose?

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