Comprehensive reform or partial reform?

It is a question that looks easy to answer at first glance, often the quickest response would be the comprehensive reform, but it is not always the most appropriate.

Integral reform of kitchen

We start the year positively. We share with you recently completed renovations of kitchens. Whether it is a comprehensive renovation or a single room, your home acquires a more comfortable environment and arouses your enthusiasm for seeing something new. A reform is a change not only for your home but also for your well-being. When […]

Ideas for refurbishment a small kitchens

If your kitchen has a few meters we recommend some decorative tricks that will help you turn it into a diaphanous and comfortable space. The designs of small kitchens are fashionable because spaces are increasingly smaller. It is important to get a proper design by investing in original and practical ideas.

Choosing the countertop for kitchen

Choosing the right countertop for your kitchen is one of the key decisions in any kitchen project. We will offer some useful tips to consider to make the choice. Today there are many options offered by the market as there is a wide variety of materials and styles. What kind of kitchen countertop can choose?

10 Trends in kitchens 2016

The latest trends in kitchens bring effectiveness  and comfort to homes. Easy to clean surfaces, sleek design ideas and using natural materials. 1.- It imposes bronze

Reform Kitchen

When someone is considering the reform of a house, one of the first rooms in which he thinks is the kitchen. And it is normal. The kitchen is one of those places in the house where we spent much of our time: If the kitchen is large, it allows you to have lunch and dinner, […]