10 Trends in kitchens 2016

The latest trends in kitchens bring effectiveness  and comfort to homes. Easy to clean surfaces, sleek design ideas and using natural materials.

1.- It imposes bronzeCasp 2

It is used in taps, sinks and hoods in place of aluminum or stainless steel. It is very popular for designers because it is a warm and shiny metal. It also combines well with many colors, especially white and grey.

2.- The pantries are enlarged and integrated

Each time is valued more additional space in the kitchen to store food and wine, becoming the pantry in a longer stay not only serves as cupboard but also as an element of exhibition and entertainment. Pantries are separated from the kitchen by glass but its interior is visible to guests and diners.

3.- The black and white; classic

These colors do not come back because I really never gone but starting to be used in place of stainless steel too, oven doors and hoods, to fully integrate with the rest of the kitchen furniture.

4.- Smart appliances


The technology finally takes momentum in the kitchen and that starts to show. Furnaces are already able to store in its memory hundreds of recipes and kitchen manufacturers fully integrated tablets for use in the kitchen with different applications.




5.- Wallpapers

New materials allow the use of this material without worrying about odors and vapors from the kitchen can spoil so useful embellishment. The wallpapers are a great compliment to the kitchen furniture and offer great visual impact.

6.- “modern-traditional” style

Fruit of nostalgia for certain types of environments and materials, start stainless steel combined with wood or wood with marble. They are combinations hitherto little exploited but they begin to acquire more prominence; customers want modern environments but without losing warmth. This is achieved with the use of noble materials.

7.- The ceilings take center stage

When we seem to have lost the habit of looking up in the kitchens, roofs begin to be decorated by using pictures, drawings, lamps and sconces. The aim is to give continuity to the line formed by the furniture and enjoy an extra dimension in this space.

8.- Metals and luxury

In luxury kitchens are beginning to employ certain precious metals for its exclusivity but also for its warmth. The coldness of the stainless steel contrasts with the soft texture of the gold, for who can afford it.

9.- Tactile textures

That is, materials that beg to be touched and caressed, because of their rough textures or their reliefs. They begin to use for this granites, natural stones marble or marble chips.

10.- Shelves views

The cabinets give way to the shelves, leaving items visible in kitchen. The aim is to win this functionality and also make the most warm and friendly stay for guests.



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