Choosing the countertop for kitchen

Choosing the right countertop for your kitchen is one of the key decisions in any kitchen project. We will offer some useful tips to consider to make the choice.

Today there are many options offered by the market as there is a wide variety of materials and styles.

What kind of kitchen countertop can choose?

  1. LaminatesEncimeras3

Laminate countertops call to those materials composed of a solid base on which is pasted a sheet of plastic material.

As for the exterior finish it has evolved a lot and variety of spot colors and patterns is immense.

His only weakness is seeping moisture due to faulty installation, so it is necessary to ensure the tightness at the joints of the counter with other furniture or walls, using tufts or end pieces of steel or aluminum. They are the ones with the best quality / price ratio.

  1. WoodEncimeras1

Wood is a natural material of great beauty, but as always with it, you have to be aware that maintenance.

When used as material weaknesses worktop are their instability to moisture and resistance to cuts or scratches. You can choose to install wood high density and high price or most common and accessible woods with a good protective varnish.

In any case the time will leave its trace on them and brushing, sanding and varnishing with some regularity will be necessary.

  1. Stainless Steel

Its strengths are many; very durable, waterproof against humidifies, high hardness against shock and resistance to high temperatures.

It is common to find this material in professional kitchens and catering establishments. Another no less important feature is the ability to create large areas without joints, and incorporate stainless pools in continuity with the countertop.

It is advisable to choose a polished finish like a mirror because scratches are inevitable, so the best option is a finish “scotch”.

The choice of stainless steel kitchen gives some industrial look that can be used wisely as a decorative appeal. Perhaps his weak point is the price, because the material is not cheap.

  1. Granite / MarbleEncimeras2

The stone material is one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops and their success is due to longevity and hardness offered by the material.

The color range is wide, although gray and black tones are the most in demand today. The finish can be polished (completely smooth) or flamed (rough) if we want to avoid reflections, in both finishes cleaning is very easy and does not require specific maintenance.

The marble is used less than the granite because the porosity of the surface and it means that it can absorb stains such as the oil. It is a very noble and decorative material in our kitchen but require maintenance.

  1. Glass

One of the latest trends in kitchen design is the use of glass as a material for kitchen countertops.

Recent advances have made them resistant to shock and countertops scratch. Transparency and striking causes are chosen by many decorators to create modern kitchens.

  1. Quartz

The counters is known as “quartz” are the result of an industrial process where natural quartz particles with polyester resin are mixed, obtaining an agglomerate of high hardness.

Cleaning is very easy and recently some manufacturers incorporate bacteriostatic protection in their composition.

In the market there are many brands and all offers a variety of colors with a more modern than the supply of granites spectrum.

Its weakness is the high temperatures, so we must be careful not support hot pots and pans directly on the counter. The budget will be similar to granite countertops, although some colors may even surpass.

This type of countertop are those we know as Silestone or Compac.

  1. Porcelánico

Combining the advantages of glass with the strength of the stone a new uniform material that is strong and durable is generated, obtained through a process of dissolution and crystallization of ceramics and silicon particles, a very similar to the natural formation of granite process .

Countertops that do not burn: the unique technology of kitchen countertops made of porcelain ensures durability and resistance to direct heat, always keeping them as the first day and protecting its colors.

It is a material noted for its hardness, durability and by being totally resistant to water absorption and to all types of stains and corrosive agents (chemicals, detergents, cosmetics, etc.).

  1. Natural Stone

Traditional or innovative, polished or rustic, stone countertops are an undisputed classic, great prominence when combined with neutral colors. Natural stone is a good ally in the kitchen for its resistance to shock and heat, but you should avoid having porous surface.

  1. Corian

Allow molded countertop and sink in one piece. It is a new material, quite expensive, molded very easily, but it’s hard, will not scratch and is ideal for meetings. It totally resists water and more than a hundred colors.[:]

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