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Keys for a 10 bathroom:



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TilesHow to choose tiles for the bathroom

When you are thinking to decorate or remodel your bathroom you always think in the furniture or in the shower or bath. But what about choosing the tiles? Actually tile, by type and color, is the element that brings more visual effect to the bathroom, but often we don’t have them in mind. Furthermore, the material will facilitate greater or lesser extent cleaning tiles in the future, so this decision should be thoroughly.

We share some tips for choosing the tiles that blend best with your bathroom.

Type Tile

First, we should decide what type of tile we want. We can choose from ceramic, porcelain or stone, among other materials, but the above are theTiles most common.

The ceramic tiles are the most popular because they are cheaper, water resistant and easier to cut. It has very little porous surface which helps cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, they can be used in both, ground and walls.

The porcelain is impermeable and very resistant to moisture. If your bathroom had moisture problems this would be the best option. Porcelain tiles also have a very low porous surface and can be used in both, ground and walls.

Natural stone tiles are very striking aesthetically and give a touch of design very carefully to the bathroom, but are more expensive and may be less resistant to moisture.

On the other handTiles, glass or gresite is one of the latest materials to reach the bathroom whose shiny texture will give light and charm. Glass tiles or Gresite are nothing porous, so the liquid does not enter them offering a good maintenance and easy cleaning.

Porcelain Tile also can be used both for paving and for tiling floors and walls. One of the advantages of porcelain stoneware tiles are the many natural colors and textures that can find, besides this material will give a warm touch to bathroom.

Tile size

Once you have chosen the material, you have to make the decision on the size of the tiles. In this case, it all depends on how big or small is your bathroom. The smaller the room, the smaller the tiles you need to use.

Color Tile

The color of the tiles is undoubtedly one of the aspects that influence the image of your bathroom. It also depends on the size of the room. Light colors create the feeling of more space, while dark of the opposite.

Actual trends

Now large glitter tiles are no longer used, the latest trend is to use different colors and textures to go delineating each space of our toilet. For example, one could distinguish a wall near the shower oTilesr sink.

 Combinations of different colors are more fashionable than ever, thanks in part to gresite that filled the bathrooms a decade, for example in the showers work done.

In this sense, gloss finishes and metallic touches are perfect for large and bright bathrooms.

On the other hand, it is also very important that the person placing the tiles is a professional. A good tile can be spoiled by poor placement.


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