16 tips for small bathrooms refurbishment

Taza baño flotanteMake the most of your bathroom however small. We help you with these 16 tips to maximize space and for make your bathroom look bigger. We cannot reform our bathroom without the mandatory elements of the bathroom but otherwise we always want it to look wider.

  1. Coatings clear and small

Whites, beiges, raw … They are the best colors for small bathrooms. These reflect light and expand space. Use them to cover the walls and the floor. And choose small tiles (large format make it smaller). If you want to win warmth, opt for a parquet floor with anti-moisture treatment.

  1. Furniture in proportion to the space

Ideally, choose compact toilette (measuring up to 6 cm less deep) and small but well equipped furniture. It is best to project themto take advantage of cover till the last centimeter and not to create dead spots.

  1. Keep the floor clear

Choose suspended sanitary and furniture elements. A clear floor enhances the breadth and the most important: it is easier to clean.

  1. Distribute the bathroom with logic

Attach all elements of the bathroom to the walls to clear the central space and gain feeling of spaciousness. Do not put the toilet behind the door, it is very uncomfortable when it is used.

  1. Divide with glass partitions

Do separations with glass to not lose light and not create divisions. Turns to glass partitions, fixed or practicable to separate the shower and avoid splashing.

  1. The mirror, large and unframed

It will be lighter and multiply the feeling of space. Choose a backlit model (you save sconces) and closet (just 10 centimeters deep are very useful).Lavamanos

  1. Avoid bathtub and bidet

In the space of the bathtub you can have a larger shower, a heated towel rail and a small seat. And the corner of the bidet can be used it to gain storage.

  1. Reflect the light from the window

If you have a window through which natural light enters, place the sink area back to the window. Besides avoiding the sun dazzle, you will get the mirror reflects light and projected all over the bathroom.

  1. Install exempt sink

As it is supported in the sink, it doesn’t take space from the closet under the sink. If the first drawer has a hole for the siphon we will have the sides and front area for storage.

  1. Projecting vertically storage

Take the height of bathroom cabinets that reach the ceiling. A good corner to locate a storage area is the wall of the toilet. Project it with shalowness for make it look less heavy.

  1. Install a heated towel rail

There are mini-sized (just a horizontal bar) and offer warmth and support to leave towels and keep them warm and dry.

  1. Windows that occupy less

Choose sliding or tilt windows, they are the two systems that take up less space when they are open.

  1. Plan to make spaces in the wall

In the shower, in the wall of toilet … Enjoy false walls (sanitary clasets, wall faucet) to create holes or niches in which support cosmetics or small decorative objects.

  1. Doors and drawers without handles

The goal is not protruding furniture, do not occupy space and avoid the blows. Pressure systems (pressing open hand) are ideal.

  1. Screens to gain space

Or better don’t use screens. If you don’t have space to open the door of the shower, select a sliding door or a fix glass.

  1. Minimalist taps designVentanas abatibles

Although they are large, if they have a refined aesthetic they will occupy less visually. For the sink, pick a mixer tap (if you have option to stick it into the wall about 10 centimeters win top). And if you want a large spray for the shower, also latch it.[:]

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