Ideas for refurbishment a small kitchens

If your kitchen has a few meters we recommend some decorative tricks that will help you turn it into a diaphanous and comfortable space. The designs of small kitchens are fashionable because spaces are increasingly smaller. It is important to get a proper design by investing in original and practical ideas.

It is essential that we study carefully all the possibilities because it is one of the rooms that we share with all the members of the family.

Distribution: There are three basic distributions for a small kitchen: ‘U’ if it is square, ‘L’ if it is longer, or on a single wall if you have a ‘kitchen-hallway’.

Take advantage of the light: if you can, it helps to create windows or a sliding door to let in the light.

Opens the space: another possibility is to create a kitchen open to the dining room or the living room, also called American kitchen. This way you will get a sense of spaciousness and create a space to share with your family and friends. A good idea to make the two environments independent is a kitchen island.

White: you can use it on walls, cabinets and even, on the floor. It increases brightness. The design of kitchens admits a wide range of colours and combinations, but when the size of our kitchen is not too large perhaps, the most appropriate are the colours that bring more. We can’t forget that white colour can be use in too many styles: vintage style kitchens, rustic style kitchens, minimalist kitchens, modern kitchens, classic kitchens …

Crystal: use it in doors or cabinets. It lets the light pass by and reflect it.

No office: To replace it, you can build a small breakfast bar on the same counter or create a small improvised office with a small table and folding chairs.

Hanging cabinets and shelves: to extend the visual effect in the design of small kitchens cabinets and hanging or suspended shelves are able to maintain continuity, while allowing to continue to reveal areas of the wall, providing depth to small spaces .

Multi-functional furniture: The market offers a wide range of modern kitchen furniture very suitable for the organization of household appliances and small appliances or with various functions.

Mobile Furniture: Although furniture or wheeled furniture is not very common in the market today, designs of modern kitchens 2017 include this option. From a kitchen table with wheels that is hidden under the counter and we can draw to expand the work surface to drawers to place all the utensils, passing through the use of the smallest corner to place details.

Shelves: Betting on the vertical integration of the kitchen, with shelves and suspended organizers. They allow us to keep all the most used objects by hand and in sight. Suspended and hung kitchen shelves are often versatile and cheap solutions and work very well. 

Lighting: The natural light and the lighting must be choosed very careful in the decoration of interiors. All need light to achieve a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere. In the design of kitchens we will enhance the light that penetrates the windows and also place strategic points of light. We will place kitchen lamps in the work area, in the general room, in the dining area and even, in some cases, it may be interesting to include light inside the kitchen cabinets or place diffused lighting when we talk about the design of kitchens little. The type of light is advisable to be low consumption because it is usually a place where we spend a long time. LED lighting for kitchens may be the best option especially placed on the bottom of the upper furniture.[:]

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