Walk-in showers

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Floor refurbishment: How to choose tiles for the bathroom


Floor refurbishment: How to choose tiles for the bathroom


Walk-in showers:

Walk-in showers are seamlessly integrated in the bath surface are on an upward trend. The bathroom is one of the rooms of the house that sooner or later we are forced to reform, because their design is outdated and we want to give it a more contemporary feel, or because the needs of the family has changed with the arrival of children or old people. The replacement of showers or baths offers you the possibility of installing a walk-in shower in your bathroom. It is characterized by that access that is performed without steps, in other words, without the danger of tripping and hitting the corners with shower. Its versatility and ease adaptation make it virtually essential when designing the project of a bathroom maximizing the space available.

Advantages of a walk-in shower

– The shower design is just as you need, therefore can obtain space efficiency.

– The main advantage of a walk-in shower is undoubtedly the ease access. It has no architectural barriers, which is very important especially for elderly or disabled people.

– The variety of finishes opens up a range of possibilities both in design and in use (relaxing finishing stone or tile anti-slip).

 Shower decoration work

As for the materials, is possible to choose different tiles of the rest of bathroom, helping to separate visually the two spaces or can be tiled across the shower with the same materials as the rest of the bathroom getting uniform stay.

If the bathroom is small, it is advisable tiling around the bath with the same tile to give a greater feeling of spaciousness. To increase the feeling of a big space, it is also advisable to install a glass partition that helps integrate the shower in the bathroom

Materials work shower

The walk-in shower may be tiled with countless materials, continuing the bathroom floor: ceramic tiles, natural stones (marble or granite), silestone with many colors and effects and small pieces of tile. You can also find plates of precast stone or quartz crystals with resins where appearance and quality are exceptional and glazed in a variety of colors.

It is important to note that the unevenness of the ground in a walk-in shower has to be at least 2%. The material used in the showers of work traditionally and ease to smooth slopes (no sharp edges of any kind) to the surface most of the time the tile that are tiled in small pieces.[:]

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