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When someone is considering the reform of a house, one of the first rooms in which he thinks is the kitchen. And it is normal. The kitchen is one of those places in the house where we spent much of our time: If the kitchen is large, it allows you to have lunch and dinner, and if it is small, surely someone will spend a lot of time using it.

So what aspects would be important to consider in the reform of our kitchen?

In the first place you have to make a composition of the place, trying if possible to locate the places where we will spend more time near natural light (if we are lucky enough to have natural light in the kitchen). It is very convenient to make a small plan with what you want, and review all the elements that are going to be necessary, checking your location so that nothing is left pending.

For the placement of all the elements in the kitchen you have to take into account the columns and beams, and also have the possibility of pulling and building new partitions that modify the structure of our kitchen.

If it is not possible to have natural light it will be necessary to design the spaces so that they have a good and comfortable lighting. If you have any doubts about this, let yourself be advised by the reform company, since they have ample experience on how many and where to place the necessary lighting points. We must also think that the work areas should also be well provided with plugs, which avoid the bulky and always more dangerous ‘thieves’.

On the other hand, if the kitchen is a few years old it is always recommendable, in some cases practically imperative, to renew all the plumbing of the same. Do not save in this aspect, because it does not make sense. Plumbing is not an expensive job, the old facilities do not have the quality of the current, and it would be a real pity that your beautiful new kitchen had to undergo plumbing repairs that could damage the new tiling.

It is a good option to place stoneware or other resistant and easy-to-clean materials on the walls of the work area, and taking into account that the kitchen is a place that requires constant cleaning, it is not a bad idea, even if you prefer the painting to the tiling, tiling up to a certain height at least the rest of the walls.

The colors to choose depend a lot on the tastes but it is important to take into account the following: if your kitchen is not large or very bright you have to choose very clear colors, otherwise you could end up being a bit claustrophobic. Dark colors will also require more powerful lighting since they do not reflect light.

An element that can help to gain some space in the kitchen is the placement of sliding doors, which can be external or recessed (much more expensive when requiring partitioning). Given the normally reduced spaces that are counted in the kitchens is an option to assess.

In the ceiling it is very common to place false ceilings that allow to insert halogens or downlights for lighting, and hide other installations, and that can be made of plasterboard or with metal profiles.

It is not always easy to locate in our new kitchen all the elements that we had in mind, or to place them so that their use is comfortable. A very important aspect to consider when deciding how to reform a kitchen is the location and opening of appliances so that their use does not negatively influence the places of passage.

For example, the intersection of the opening area of ​​the refrigerator doors and the entrance doors to the kitchen or to the clothes line is the typical problem that often remains unresolved. However, especially if there are going to be several users of the kitchen concurrently, it should be tried to interfere as little as possible, because its use will be constant.

Home appliances
As for the appliances, you should look for the ideal location of each of these elements (not necessarily all): refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer (usually placed on the clothesline, when available), oven and hob (gas, electric, mixed, ceramic or induction).

The extractor hood (removable cassette 60 cm, or decorative 90 cm usually), can go with conduit for ventilation or with filters if there is no possibility of ventilation).

And why not? If you are going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you may want to install a medium-sized television that allows you to cook or eat in a pleasant way, especially if you are going to be alone for a long time. If this is the case, remember that it will be necessary to warn the operators that a television antenna socket is desired.

Kitchen furniture
Other elements to consider[:]

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