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reformas barcelona low cost faq

What’s Reformas Barcelona Low Cost?

Reformas Barcelona Low Cost  is a company of reforms in Barcelona, which has professionals with extensive experience in the sector reforms. We all kind of reforms, from comprehensive reforms to reform the bathroom or kitchen remodeling, flooring, woodwork, paintings …. We realize reforms both floors as local and offices.

Professional, fast, clean and cheap reforms.

We are a modern and efficient reforms, and use technology and the Internet to facilitate the work of our professionals and our customers.

Why Low Cost?

Because at a time like this you have to give people what they need. It is always necessary to offer quality at a good price, but at a time like this is not only necessary but essential.

This is not to downgrade in quality, but the materials and find more quality-adjusted price. As for our work, we seek to lower the price through increased efficiency and coordination.

Our professionals know how to perform tasks in the most efficient manner, and will advise on those materials, having a good quality, you can find the best price on the market.

We will make your quality reform fits unmatched prices.

Are ye an Internet company?

No. We are a company of reforms in Barcelona. Internet use only as a tool to facilitate communication with customers.

How long you delay in budget reform?

We have professionals with extensive experience in the field of reforms and the large number of assumptions made allows us to perform advanced data with minimal budgets and very tight to the ultimate reality. Moreover our management system allows us to develop and bring you the budget reform in a very short time.

Do you do online budgets?

If you wish, providing some approximate data we will provide our budget reform online without commitment via e-mail. This is an advanced budget, if you are interested would be reviewed at home, store or office. However, in our experience, the most common is that if you bring the data are correct and do not forget important details online budgets reform are valid without significant changes.

In any case we always prefer the visit before assessing the work, but that is up to you.

What information should I provide for budget reform?

With a few data it is enough for a rough estimate, but the more information you provide us easier it will be the final budget after the visit closely resembles the advanced budget online.
As our name suggests we are dedicated to reforms in Barcelona.

You must tell the town or district of Barcelona, the square footage of the rooms / floor for which want reform and the data that you consider relevant. Ideally, if you have it, is you give us a plane with the current state, and a sketch of the reform you want to perform. If you do not have it, do not worry, we will make budget reform with the information you have available: you know better than anyone reform data you want to perform.

How long you delay in starting a reform?

Usually the beginning of the reform is almost immediate, once we agree. We have different teams, all with extensive experience, and this allows us to efficiently assign reforms that arise.

And how you delay in carrying out a reform?

Well, not surprisingly, that depends on the ‘depth’ of reform. Our professionals will eventually reform as soon as possible, but unhurried affecting the quality of work. We are interested more than anyone end soon efficiently and with quality.

Do I have tax deductions for reform my home?

In fact. You have the advantage of being able to support a reduced VAT of 10% (instead of the general rate of 21%). You can also enjoy a tax deduction of income (income tax) for amounts devote to the reform of your residence.

If you plan to spend your home to rent, you can also deducirte those amounts.

We will provide all the detailed information on the tax benefits, as well as the necessary documentation able to apply.[:]

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