Comprehensive reform or partial reform?

It is a question that looks easy to answer at first glance, often the quickest response would be the comprehensive reform, but it is not always the most appropriate.

When faced with the reform of a VIhousing always value The economic factor, time, pros and cons of doing according to reform. AndSto has an impact on deciding our reform and what steps must be taken to this question:

Initially to make a reform the main thing is to have clear the need for what we want reforming, either to tackle a problem, because we have been old something and does not work, by simple aesthetics or because we want to give a better environment are the keys to say Go and know what to do.

The aspects that most affect when making a reform:

  • To live within the reform: In this case it is to make the clear decision that sometimes the reforms are synonymous of discomforts and one has to be clear in the first place this aspect.
  • The temporary suspension of some spaces: During the reform it is important to be clear that those spaces or stays to be reformed in which we were inhabited to carry out activities will be abolished Temporarily and it is important to have and look for alternatives.
  • The permissions and community: In two cases it is vital and important to have a good communication and to have everything within the legality, since as any work is annoying it is normal that they can arise unforeseen by very small that they are, and before these cases to have Under control the permits of works (in Barcelona: with a Assabentat would be sufficient for the majority of reforms).

Integral reform, total change in a single work

The integral reform is the option in which we give a turn of 360° to our house, because in doing it all we practically do it only once, it is a single performance, although it generates more time, but in the future it will prevent us going back to that nightmare of moving and Change Llegándonos to bother in a certain way.

Before and after comprehensive renovation bath

Fig. Comprehensive bathroom reform.

In these cases of integral reform many times it is advisable to have the advice of an interior designer, architect who can provide solutions when reforming, either with a new design, materials, colors and even creating homogeneity of spaces.

Before and after Integral reform kitchen

Fig. Comprehensive kitchen reform .

Partial reform, the so-called quick intervention

For this type of reform there are several conditions are the time, the money, the minimum inconvenience, that translates into speed and touch personal at the same time.

Before and after partial reform doors, soils and painting


Fig. Mixed partial reform (soil + doors + painting)

There is another option in this case which would be to make partial and mixed interventions without becoming integral (be it floor and bathroom or kitchen and paint or installations and ceilings) being perfectly competent combinations to make a reform fast and little traumatic.

This type of reform translates everything that can be done in economic effectiveness as material and time.

Therefore, and seeing the differences between one and the other clearly this between time and money as main objects, that a reform is integral or partial, since being more analytical many people choose to do them in order to meet that goal of improving the Condi Physical housing and with an investment and less time.

According to the definitions between these types of reforms, which do you think is the most appropriate? Which do you think can go well according to your conditions and economy?


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