How to generate new spaces without making many works?

When we have the project to expand a space in our home, office or office, we always look at the subject of the works, we know that it is important to acquire these new environments, but within a few deadlines and according to what conditions to avoid certain discomforts such as They are long works, noise, dust and even some other nonconformity.

What we should do initially to carry out this type of intervention.

Initially, when we generate spaces, we often go to professionals in architecture and interior design, we advise ourselves in a correct way on how those spaces will be based on virtual images or diagrams, but also on the constructive and economic side, including possible affectations.

What ideas can I raise or what could be effective to improve or change spaces:

Throw partitions or build them to create new spaces

Many times we want a large room, a large kitchen or even rooms, but also make that space more intimate and more local, we can bet on the elaboration of enclosures with partition walls either in ceramic material or plasterboard.

But if what we want is to gain amplitude the ideal thing is to remove partitions, always keeping in mind they are not of load or of some structural element of the building. This will suppose a minimum part of intervention, as well as of reforms costs.

Salón comedor, paredes pintadas, suelo parquet

Use sliding and / or folding elements (sliding doors, blinds)

Another option is to use sliding elements or folding and more if they are translucent to generate these new spaces can generate light and visibility without losing that concept of opening, the elements can be used as needed always having 2 types of spaces within reach.

Integra room and kitchen

A way to gain space and integrate spaces and among them the most common are between kitchen and living room, to which performing this type of intervention we not only gain amplitude but in modern design, opening the spatial relationship between these two sites and perhaps improving the intrinsic journey that unites them.



It uses furniture separators or shelves as space definers.

The furniture as a decorating element also acts in these cases as a generator of spaces, since we can use staggered, straight or even translucent type furniture, providing a special design and more open decoration that can convey the feeling of being separated only by an element that You can modify the place and generate another space.


The soil as a space differentiator

The floor can define spaces whether they are together or rather separated, marking either their shape, color and material that there is space or we want to adopt, some more personalized or simply visually make the border between one and the other.

We can opt for dark colors for certain places and with figures or smooth and clear in others to give identity defining thus through the visual stays. Another option is to unify them with a type of soil so that the contrasts do not exist and a single space is generated.


The color or texture can define a space

While it is true that a color visually wins or subtracts points in terms of decoration, therefore, we must take into account the color we want for our environments are light or dark colors always depending on the solar incidence or our pleasures. In addition, the textures, finishes and even the incursion of the paper collaborate in the aesthetics and change of spaces giving a different nuance and making these spaces feel more pleasant.



We know that generating new spaces many times we think that it can be very complicated, long and expensive, but with these simple points you will know how to define them without the need for major works and interventions.[:]

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