How much does it cost to reform a home in Reformas Barcelona Low Cost?

In Reforms Barcelona Low Cost We do approximately between 110 to 120 reforms/Year, this It indicates that we handle a medium-high volume of reforms, the result that our prices are competitive and the availability of equipment and the speed of jobs are very effective. If You want to know How much It is difficult to Reform a house in Barcelona Low Reforms Cost:

Indicative of the average cost of the reforms

The comparison between a comprehensive reform and a partial or punctual reform differs a lot in percentage and value, given that in the integral the intervention is broader and obviously the percentage of material is greater, while the partial reform symbolizes less materials and the Shorter intervention.

For This it has been estimated each type of intervention giving an idea of what can be a reform:

Comprehensive Reform

It Is The most requested reform, in the previous semester the number of reforms of this type was located in 70% of the total reforms. It Consists of the integrated improvement of the house.

This type of reforms oscillate between €15,000 – €23,000 with an average price of €19,000 this for a reform in a flat of 70m2, with average qualities. When handling other types of qualities and areas such as a floor of 130 m2 would be around €30,000-€38.00 with an average price around the €34,000.

Partial or punctual Reforms

We Take as examples real data that we manage between punctual reforms, be these, reforms of bath, installation of floors, painting and installations, all of them separately or doing two interventions of the previous list.

  • The price of the reform of a small-medium bath oscillates between €1,500-€3,000, also because it varies depending on the type of design, material or installations this type of ranges are generated.
  • When combined or partial renovations are made either bathroom + kitchen, kitchen + floor, Windows + Paint Etc, and so many combinations, prices can vary always in consequence of dimensions or complexity of these.
  • When we want to make the painting include ceilings, walls, but many times you have to make treatments, the price is round between 1,000 – €2,000 depending always on the area to cover and treatment.

Electrical Installation:

Normally When you touch the installation we have the option to make the installation completely new (when they are flats with MáS of 20 years) or opt for updating some Components, prices vary with each other, which ranges from 1,000 – €3,000. Having as optional part the certified installation Bulletin.

Reforming the Kitchen:

The Kitchen is a basic and important element in the house and its reform is also an important expense, a good configuration or design when changing it will be the necessary investment, many times when reformed we think of those spaces that were Being small or those that we want to give a new air including new elements and/or deferred architectural concepts.

At the time of making the renovation of a kitchen between partial and complete, are in the range between 3,500 – €9,500, all this many times with appliances included in the price and special finishes. The performances in complete kitchen renovations are the tiling, base and top furniture, as well as the installation of ceilings are in plasterboard or aluminum, lighting, and as a complement the electros varying these in brand and design.

Photo reform of a kitchen in Renovations Barcelona Low Cost

Place the floor:

This is an element that is extremely important when it comes to making the reform, we must choose well the tipi of soil that we want to use. There Are soils with low grades and high quality qualities. It Is Essential This feature talking about durability and aesthetically color and if you want to shine or matte, once having clear these two features we focus on prices to compare and proceed to the election.

There’s Also Laminated soils with AC characteristics which is only the denomination to the type of use, normally this type of soils and which normally We recommend in residential spaces is the AC4 or BC5, with the price around between 1,200-€1900, for an area of 70 m2. On the other hand, we find porcelain floors with almost similar prices in relation to the same surface and type of soil.


At the time of making the modifications at home many times we want besides doing the whole part of installations, we do not want to ignore the issue of plumbing, since in many buildings these are composed of materials require a change and update according to the Regulations and for durability issues. At the time of carrying out this type of intervention we would be around €800 taking into account the type of installation, since it is done supply and the change normally between kitchen and baths, adding the manpower.

According To The data of Reforms Barcelona Low Cost The trend of the performances is located in the GIS. Way:

Types of Reforms

Comprehensive Reforms 75%

Kitchens 10%

Baths 8%

Soils and Paint. 6

Installations-Doors 1%

Distribution of reform reforms in Barcelona Low Cost

* Data Year 2018 – 1st Quarter 2019

Implementation Times of the reforms.

The Runtime is a very important point when reforming, often the standard time for a reform in an average floor of 70 m2 oscillate between 3 to 6 weeks in a comprehensive reform, in this type of reform interventions are based Prácticam Entity in defining the changes to be made, taking into account the conformation of externally manufactured elements, for example as the kitchen, windows, enclosures, taking into account its times and adding them together in its entirety to the execution in situ.

Since it is a minor reform the estimated time is considerably reduced in consequence to what is done, baths, installations, painting or soils, because these do not consist of an external planning or manufacture, being able to generate actively in work.

Planning work vs. work Execution

The execution of a reform is a good investment given that we give a new face to our home or space, but at the same time we update it in all respects giving an important criterion to our liking and Reflejándolo in it. That is Why it means a great deal of economic and planning effort occurring in the short term and even in cases More Long-term planned ends.


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