The process of the reform in a house of the Neoclassical Barcelona

When we refer to the Neoclassical we travel mentally and visually to the 19th century, although at the moment many of the buildings of this type are conserved so splendidly that traveling with time accompanies us, but there are others that have been changing. Finding this type of architecture is very pleasant, but more, to make interventions whether to update it or keep it, without modifying its structure and design, but giving harmony and color to each of the spaces.

At the beginning of the year we received the commission to be able to reform a floor of these characteristics, with an area of more than 200 m2, with many of its ceramic materials, flooring, carpentry and other intact elements, maintaining its brightness and its characteristic value. of the beginning of the century, but of past decades.

The client asks us to do a face wash, but keeping some elements “alive” so to speak, such as the majestic hydraulic pavement and the pipes seen, since they give it that Neoclassic touch that remains. Once the order was made at Reformas Barcelona Low Cost we made the first visits to estimate the real needs of the client and thus be able to configure what would be the modification keeping some elements of the house.

Once this visit was made, it was agreed to carry it out in 2 stages, since the idea was to be able to service the house without having to completely neutralize it, which is why we initiated the reform of the intimate areas and toilets, in this initial action it is carried out in a Estimated time of 2 weeks, with detailed works below:


Demolitions phase:

The removal of ceramic material is initially performed by the taps, racholas in walls, electrical elements and finally floor (in some parts). During this intervention, it is taken into account that the original pipes and some installations will be maintained.

Elements from the humid zone are removed, such as bathtubs and finally the ceramic elements such as sanitary ware and sinks. The change of the sanitary pipes and sinks is made, later resanado. As well as the electrical installation in walls and subsequent resanado.

Construction phase:

The leveling of the floor and subsequent installation of ceramic elements on walls and floors is carried out (in some cases the originals are conserved), taking an important step when not modifying the original pipes, it is done precisely in the corners and in the the zones of encounter with the development of these.

Afterwards, the installation of the sanitary elements and wash basins, as well as the shower tray, taps and accessories. The installation of the screen is carried out and finally the installations are made in electrical points. The mirror and its luminaires are changed, as well as the painting of the doors and windows.

The installation of ceramic and sanitary elements does not alter the harmony of these bathrooms, since it gives a touch of modernity without losing the original essence.


In this phase we may consider it the largest or most important, as we enter into the almost general adaptation of the components of the home, such as bathrooms, kitchen and painting.

During this phase only the kitchen will not be used clearly, but two toilets, previously refurbished and part of the house in service, are enabled.

Therefore, the actions are described as follows:

Demolitions phase:

Initially the starting of the existing furniture in the kitchen is done, dismantling of electros, points of illumination and later of the existing countertop, as well as the sink and accessories. Afterwards, the tiling starts in walls and floors, in the phase of the walls the leveling is carried out with overflowing. Subsequently, the demolition of the floor is carried out, removing the existing pieces and later leveling the floor with a 3 cm plank in the furniture area.

In this case of the kitchen, the installations embedded in walls, which part is updated, proceeding to the realization of regattas and placement of pipes and new wiring. The drainage and supply pipes are updated, such as the new points of light in the kitchen.

Regarding the bathrooms, the same procedure is carried out as in Phase I, but with the difference that in those carried out in this phase the distribution is different, but with the same material.

Construction phase:

For the reform of the kitchen with the previous assessments of the specialist staff, the client was advised regarding the new design, qualities and shapes, thus obtaining an open and fresh concept for the space developed with new spacious drawers and cleaner spaces at a higher level and inferior, being a modern and totally straight kitchen.

But at the time of realizing the installations if the complete update was carried out according to the new design, which would give the capacity for the devices and even the new uses.

In the conception of the kitchen, clear materials were used both in enameled ceramic walls and stoneware floors to give it luminosity in reference to the one that existed previously, given that, being located near the patio of lights, it lacked its own lighting, it is for This is why they managed white tones and in contrast, floors that harmonize perfectly.


We generated a kitchen in simple lines, straight and with the compactness of the rooms in one place, since it opens space to generate other activities within it. The granite countertop in gray colors accompanies the range of dark light tones to improve in reference to the previous appearance.

A new space was designed located in the opposite zone, where there was the area of service shelves, gaining a more straight and clear space, coming from the access, configuring a completely rectangular kitchen without entrances. Although it is true that it is a meeting place and where usually 20% pass, we wanted to give it an option so that it can become a place to be, while the tasks of each day are carried out, in addition to modifying its structure it gained in aplitude visual with respect to the previous state.

Another aspect taken into account to reform this part of the house was to have taken into account the structure of the same, to gain space in the back room and can thus lengthen the kitchen.

Regarding the reform of the bathrooms, the same interventions were carried out as in Phase I, unlike smaller devices with a new type of saving technology, as well as lighting and finishes.

As for one of the bathrooms, I took advantage of the space to expand and give better accessibility by placing low shower trays and fully linear screens, facilitating movement to the wet area, replacing the previous screen and eliminating the shoulder that accompanied the bathtub .

Also gained in lighting, because it was intervened in the range of colors of the tiling, applying light colors, combining ceramic materials are white, wearing such transparency throughout the bathroom space from outside and out. In addition to the installation of modern accessories in silver tones.

Finally, the client was satisfied with the reform carried out on the entire floor, since the change was total and the reform enhanced the beauty of this house, improving physical and technical aspects, enhancing those corners and spaces that were in a decorative and functional lethargy until now.


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