Reform the building portal

Reform the building portal, what to do.

The portal of a building is the letter of presentation of your home, said in this way, it is the first impression before transferring to a more intimate area, since it is the common area totally visible to neighbors and visitors. 

Many times it is necessary to do it for many reasons, be it for seniority, renew the environment, give new dimensions or adapt it, facilitate accessibility or for new interventions in the common area at an aesthetic level. There are several factors to intervene when it comes to reforming a portal, whether these are only partial, comprehensive or by comfort level components (lighting or ventilation), and the most important thing is to be advised by a professional who can determine the type of project or in the same way interacting with the community the type of design / reform to be carried out.

Before initiating this type of reforms it is necessary to analyze several aspects such as:

• Dimensions of the Portal

• New needs or adapt them according to environment (mobility)

• Environmental aspect (light comfort, ventilation)

• New architectural design (spatial distribution)

• Type of materials

• Security

Once the above points have been analyzed, it is a major and important requirement to have them all well defined and in agreement to proceed with the reform work.


Initially, an estimate must be made by the corresponding technician or professional, assessing each point and future need of the portal. Once assessed, the technical and executive project is drawn up, where design proposals are carried out periodically (depending on the urgency) and, in parallel, the costs of the total work.

Once the approval of the project stage has been carried out, the respective work permits are made for the execution of the works.


It is the point that will make the difference in terms of the reform, since after the analysis and subsequent needs will resolve the configuration of this new portal to give you more quality of life, be it in visual amplitude, suppression of architectural barriers or functionality in reference to the existing design, as in new finishes.


All start of work leads to much planning at an internal level, since it is commonly done in the area of ​​access / exit of the building, being a critical point when performing work, therefore, you have to plan on what area begin to intervene avoiding and minimizing the inconvenience and inconvenience to residents. It is important not to intervene first hand in areas near the elements of constant use such as stairs / elevators at the same time (applies to buildings containing these 2 elements), or in those that only have stairs, plan this type of intervention to end of the work if required or will be intervened in that area by previous definition.

It must be carried out in a sectorized manner, carrying out the demolition and starting of some materials in a single sector, so that the installation of the new material begins and the area is finished and later on, it is advanced in another place.


They are the essence of the reform, since these will be responsible for highlighting the slenderness and beauty of the reform, normally the type of material should be in tones that are consistent with the personality of the building and the environment, although it is true that You can make a different touch but always taken to your own style and conformity of them.

Matte and gloss materials are those that are normally used due to the type of lighting and natural translucency welcomes one another, in addition, they are used in some points of the portal as a difference of spaces or as this is a design that shapes the shapes and points visuals within the portal.

For the access area it is important to use materials that do not pose a problem in the future with the processes that cause the weather such as rain and sun, for the installation of the ground depending on the use can be high to medium traffic, in addition, so that This is more durable, also another important and functional feature is that it must be non-slip avoiding or minimizing the risks, another important aspect but at the aesthetic level is the shape, color and finish thereof, fully complying with its characteristic.

On the walls you can choose ceramic materials or with cladding introducing lighting or either smooth walls and with finishes, since currently you can incorporate decorative elements applied to LED technology.

Regarding the roof, it can be used in two types, a regular or common false ceiling, or a ceiling with figures or stepped, giving visual movement to this part of the portal, complementing with perimeter lighting or distributed lighting.

Other important materials in a reform in terms of portals are the vertical elements, whether doors or windows, since when making a reform, you want to improve and reform the environment, and what better to give brightness and breadth, winning visual and transparency from and to the street. Therefore, translucent elements must be used that do not generate much opacity, so that the solar lumen can be exploited.


Another important aspect is the artificial lighting, this type of lighting well planned and designed, is able to give a touch of majesty to the entire portal.

Currently opting for LED strips or DOWNLIGHT lighting, cover a certain area but it is always important to rely on more continuous lighting or light curtains.

In all these types of lighting it is important to give the use and purpose when designing each portal space, since in the areas of access to the building and common elements should be clear lighting and without obstacles or discontinuity of this.


The special facilities play an important role in the reform of the portals since currently the common elements such as intercoms (telephones) making uses of technology with the video intercom, which facilitates the identification and also, when making the reforms you opt for this type of essential element in the farms or in any other type of building. Another aspect is the mailboxes, in fact with the new technologies the use of paper goes down, but they have always been the visual elements for excellence and which we address once we access the building, they can be installed embedded or conventional, with materials that move between the same portal with wood-colored materials or with a more elaborate design with metallic materials.[:]

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