Complete Refurbishment Eixample 110 m2

The architectural value of the 70`s makes a transition between the conservative city and the new design strip that is shaping, so we enter Comte de Urgell Street, one of the most central streets of the Eixample, and focused on the buildings of the seventies. In this reform for an apartment of 110 m2, the client Angela, commissioned us to carry out totally integral works.

This reform is developed in the housing of large spaces which contains living room, dining room, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, and what we proposed was to give a modern touch but without losing that nuance in some parts of the house .

The building consists of large balconies and a large terrace, was the starting point to give life to this reform applying new materials, design and color.

For the realization of the reform located in Comte Urgell, several activities were generated in the integral reform:


o Demolition of partitions

o Start electrical, gas and plumbing installation

Demolition of partition in kitchen for new step

o Removal of doors

o Extraction of exterior carpentry

o Extraction of ceilings

o Extraction of kitchen and bathroom furniture


o False ceilings

o New electrical, gas and plumbing installation

o New interior and exterior carpentry

o Execution of installations in bathrooms and furniture

o Tiling

o Lighting

o New kitchen

o Floor installation

o Painting

o Air conditioning


The pertinent redefinition is carried out once the demolition and extraction work has begun, then the configuration of the new openings with the sealing of the previous ones and the profiling of the new ones with a brick element is made, the false ceilings are started in the hall, kitchen and bathrooms so you can plan the new ones with a different height. The starting of tiling in kitchen and bathrooms, chopping of walls, start of electrical installations and start of interior and exterior carpentry. In the kitchen to install the new furniture the existing one is dismantled, as well as the furniture of the bathrooms.

In the area of ​​the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom, there is a gradual start of the floors, for the preparation of the base and subsequent installation of the platform.

Work schedule

Initially in the first week demolition of partitions, baseboards, electrical, gas and plumbing, as well as the water heater and electros.

The second and third week begins to take shape with the intervention at a general level since the extraction of current interior doors is carried out, opening of the space in the kitchen to the living room and the new passage to the kitchen, sanitation of the walls and floors affected by the demolition, the subsequent sealing of the affected areas. In addition, the kitchen furniture and two bathrooms with the extraction of them.

False Ceilings

In the fourth week, the leatherwork works in the upper part. The installation of new false ceilings in hall, kitchen and bathrooms in Pladur, formed by metal structures and respetivos placacados of type hydrofugo is generated.


The electrical installation is carried out with the pre-installations and installations and electrical panel adapted to the regulations. With their respective boxes, boxes, and pipes embedded in walls and floors previously dribbled and sanitized. The lighting throughout the entire floor was distributed, extending the reach throughout the entire area of ​​the house. Light points were used in order to reach the coverage of the house and its spaces, all these points of light being white and halogen with their respective mechanisms of switches and sockets.



The new plumbing in kitchen and bathroom is also carried out, previously it was carried out on the walls and installation of multilayer pipes, as well as the PVC channeling for drains of toilets and toilets.

On the fifth week and the middle of the sixth is focused on wood joinery, swinging and sliding doors with white lacquered doors are placed giving it slenderness. At the time of the two bathrooms, the previous electrical, plumbing and PVC installations are carried out, the odor extractor installation is installed, then the installation of the tiling is carried out, initially applying a batter with mortar and subsequent installation or installation of the tiled ceramic pieces. in floors like walls with its finish of boradas.

We used furniture for the bathroom which was chosen by the customer in Ferrolan, shower tray with half-size taps, screen, toilet and bathroom furniture with sink, faucet and mirror.


For the kitchen, electrical, plumbing, PVC and later ventilation overflowed with mortar for tiling is done, as well as application on the stoneware floor and on a laundry wall with grouting, the rest of the walls plastered and painted with paint plastic.

The furniture consists of the Max Blanco gloss type made by the company BC3, the Silestone type gray expo worktop is placed, led lighting to give it greater light intensity.



For the sixth and seventh week we worked on the soils, the AC5 parquet was applied, which was also chosen by the client in the Ferrolan store, with the installation of baseboards. At the time of finishing with paints, the sanitation, sanding of walls was carried out, and in addition, 2 layers of plastic paint were applied to the ceilings.

At the moment of generating comfort in winter months, the installation of heating has been carried out, redistributing with the change of place of the meter, as well as the conformation of regattas in floors and walls, later installation of heating pipes. The installation of radiators and towel rails is carried out in bathrooms, generating the necessary capacity for internal comfort, in addition to the installation of the baxiroca mixed condensing gas boiler.


In the eighth and last week, finishing works such as painting are carried out, and reference to carpentry was used in white aluminum to give the facade slenderness, two shutters and sliding shutters are applied, as well as the interior carpentry of the same Features, all with double glazing and camera. In addition, the doors in smooth wood. For air conditioning in the summer season, the installation of the Split type Air Conditioner is carried out, with its respective installation and drains.


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