Pergolas: to enjoy your outdoor spaces in any season of the year

The pergola apart from being a decorative architectural element is a very important element when it comes to taking advantage of natural lighting and distorting solar emissions, these being open elements that allow the passage of natural ventilation suitable for living spaces and terraces, both in times of heat and cold.

A pergola can be considered bioclimatic in itself, since it uses natural resources to reduce energy consumption and, in addition, supposes the maximum expression of ecological design.

Fig. Appearance of pergolas on the terrace.

A pergola is also considered an element of use both exterior and interior, since it can be a skylight completely open and in garden areas for the use of the sun indirectly.


One of the main components of these elements are the lamas these are the ones that redirect the sun, the wind and harmonize the whole giving a structural touch to the space in which you want to use. Be these of wood, metal and even concrete, designed to create a sieve of incident light, as their separation will be vital when enforcing these functions.



For heat and cold conditions in summer, they slow down the heat by dissipating the solar lumen, decreasing its intensity, but at the same time generating thermal comfort when this condition occurs.

For this reason, it is important to locate them in front of the areas with the greatest solar impact and directed in such a way that in peak hours of heat they act efficiently.


There are pergolas of a directional nature, preventing these from passing water in open places (terraces, patios, etc.). They are complemented by transparent enclosures with plastic or synthetic elements to obtain transparency without losing sight of the surroundings.

The pergolas are functional within their use beyond the decorative, to protect in any season of the year, ensuring pleasant stays in external environments. Do you dare to put some in your patio when you make your next reform?


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