The paint

Choose the paint: color, beauty and protection.

At the time of reforming the house, painting is one of the materials that will have the most visibility, because it is true that by itself it is capable of completely washing the face of a house until it looks like a new one. That is, apart from color, we do not usually worry about any other property when the truth is that not only embellishes a home, but also protects and cares for it. 

The painting is currently a vital material when making the finishes because after making the reform, we want to see very nice spaces full of color and life, the painting is a very demanded element that has many properties which we will know.

At the level of composition, paints made with pigments are useful to protect and beautify, but the technology of the paintings has evolved to get self-protective paints before moisture, fire, fungi, and even before spray paints, this being great significant breakthrough that can be used even in the home with washable paints, without the need to apply another coat. Another feature is the paintings that help reduce the sound impact.

When we want to choose a painting, the first thing we see is its color, how it would fit in our space, be it a room or rooms. The colors transmit many things, from lightness to opacity or neutral tones, light colors used to give more freshness, dark tones to mark spaces. There are colors that are the most used at any time of the year as clear, as it is a rising trend due to its easy application and perfect harmony in any space.

Protection against external agents and fire

When the paint is going to be applied it is very important to know in what surface we apply it, it means that, many times we find humidities, whether by capillarity or by the effect of continuous humidity by external agent or by leaks. The most advisable is to treat them with products and at the end with paints that create the barrier effect to these problems and that also contain these pathologies. Doing a correct applied will take effect, after repair of the area, but depending on the type surface will go much faster or not.

The most common is that the wall has moisture or bacteria produced by condensation that originates in the most vulnerable rooms of the house, such as the bathroom or kitchen. They can also be produced in rooms that are very closed and poorly ventilated, as well as low areas and prone to humidity through capillary action.

If this happens, before painting, it is necessary that a professional detects the origin of these dampness and acts to solve it, preventing it from appearing again. In these cases, an antibacterial product should be applied on the walls so that the mold that may have appeared is removed. Then, it would be convenient to apply a repellent and breathable paint that also has antibacterial content and, to understand us, “rejects” moisture and fungi.

If we find the problem of humidity, we can use paints based on pure and organic solvents. The relationship at the moment of making the mixture is important since the degree of content is stronger or weaker before the application and is necessary more times or a single hand. It is not convenient to abuse them because they are not the most adequate to protect the air quality of people, but in these cases, we will avoid that it will be diluted, it will last longer and we will avoid having to go over the wall every so often.

The paint protects from fire, there are fireproof paints that do not burn before the exposure of the flames and even some that stop their expansion for the rest of the house momentarily. The applicability of these paints is recommended in areas of greater danger where there is combustion, sensitive areas to heat and therefore in areas of electrical contact, area of meters and boilers.

For the purposes of sound insulation, there are paints that seal or filter the passage of sound waves, as well as paints that obtain thermo-insulating, anti-noise properties, creating an invisible barrier.

There are paintings that ‘are a shield’ to the stains or painted on the walls that children often play. They are plastic or acrylic paints, which can be washed easily and have a high durability, so they are suitable for the rooms of children or areas more prone to staining, such as the kitchen.

Less toxic paints

A very interesting and even important aspect is that the paintings are being manufactured with less toxic elements. They are paintings that perspire regardless of the type of surface where they are applied.pintura ecologica

It is necessary to use them in ventilated spaces, but these are less aggressive than those made with solvents. The type of use can be done in external spaces as internal. It is also advisable to use them since they are friendly to the environment as they do not contain volatile materials, hydrocarbons or substances that could harm health.

In short, the painting and its processes have changed a lot, since its use is not only limited to beautifying and giving color, but, to be functional within the world of decoration and reforms, self-supporting and protecting surfaces to isolate them from temperatures and noise, as well as friendly materials.[:]

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