Steps to reform a local in housing

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Currently many people are betting to acquire a place and transform it into housing. Since this practice is becoming more fashionable, we inform you about what you should know before embarking on this adventure.


A place is not legally a house and to avoid problems, it is best to go to the town hall and find out about the procedures to follow to legalize it. Since you could say that a new home will be built, you would have to request a change of use. At the end of the works, you would have to ask for a First Occupation license that will require having a project done.


As we discuss in the previous point, you will need an architect who will carry out the project, will advise you and will also be responsible for coordinating the work and managing the post-construction procedures.


Once everything is legalized, you must hire an interior designer to help you with the design of the interior, since, depending on the type of location, you must change several things to create a “home”.


Any new home must adapt to the Technical Building Code. Depending on the state of the premises, the quantity and variation of necessary works may vary. For example, if your place doesn’t comply with the health standard, you must make changes in the installation, distribution, windows, etc.


Although your architect can manage them, you can do it on your own as well. Choose the option that suits you best. Normally this is what must be done:

  • habitability certificate – to be able to register the supplies
  • energy certificate – indispensable for writing at the notary
  • change of use deed – this management is done via a notary

Once you have informed yourself well, you can start the adventure![:]

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