Bathroom renovations

As well as kitchen renovations, new bathroom renovations are one of the main elements in any renovation, whether full or partial.

Next, we go on to expose and detail the different elements and practical issues when reforming a bathroom to make it new, and the recommendations on the purchase of materials.

One of the options, which is also in high demand, are the bathrooms that are not in very bad condition but have a bathtub and we want to have a more practical, comfortable and accessible access. The solution is to replace the bathtub with a shower tray, for which we will have to bear in mind that it will surely be necessary to carry out some plumbing work or connection to two, as well as add some tiles in the exposed parts and that the bathtub used to occupy. shower tray flat and almost at ground level.

Practical issues

When making a bathroom, you have to take into account the different options and possibilities:

  • In the event of renovating a new bathroom, it involves carrying out both the electricity and plumbing installations , that is, to carry the multi-layer hot and cold water pipes, as well as to carry out all the drains
  • new bathroom should also involve removing the current tiles, tapping all the coating on the walls and proceeding to put a new porcelain floor, and also coating the walls again to put stoneware or porcelain tiles.
  • When choosing tiles, it must be taken into account that it is quite common and aesthetically it will look very good and very modern, for example, tiling one or two walls (which could be the shower and the bathroom furniture) with a certain format of tile and the other two with a different one.
  • Even if it is necessary to save, it may become feasible that two of the walls where there is no direct water can be plastered and painted.
  • Regarding the ceiling, it is advisable in a room like this and especially if the bathroom is completely renovated to put a false ceiling of green plasterboard, that is, the special waterproof for water areas, and areas with high humidity.
  • When choosing the pieces of the bathroom, that is, the bathroom furniture, it must be taken into account that today there are many stores and warehouses that have a multitude of products with excellent value for money and that it is not necessary to spend significant amounts of money to have good products. In our case, one of the stores that we have been working with for years and that we think has an excellent value for money, FERROLAN , has items such as extra-flat shower trays in different non-slip colors that range from € 150 to € 250.
  • If we want a shower tray that is at the same height as the bathroom floor itself, we could make it work and cover it with the same tiles even as the rest of the floor, or with tiles of a different hue to give it a certain result, but in any case all this will depend on the slab and the existing drains
  • Even thermostatic shower taps, rain types ranging from € 60 to € 150
  • The toilets , ROCA or equivalent brands that can range from € 180 to € 300, taking into account that there are even options to take it compact in case the access space is limited, and it is quite interesting to take the option of cushioned lid to avoid unnecessary noise.
  • The screen issue is a world apart since there are numerous options to close access to a shower tray or even a bathtub, either closing with a fixed glass and leaving a part with free access, closing with a fixed part and another with access closed with a sliding or hinged door, and all this with materials that can range from tempered glass to glass substitutes.
  • Regarding the bathroom furniture, the most practical thing would be to buy a set that many stores and operators sell at the same time, that is, the furniture is tapped, the faucet, the mirror and even the wall light, another option would be to buy all these elements separately although normally this option tends to be somewhat higher in price.
  • If we want to locate a new bathroom in an area where there was none before, it is important to take into account where we will be able to get the drains, especially the toilet, which is 15 cm in diameter, to the existing downspouts; This may imply in some exceptional cases and if it is not possible to have a sufficient slope or the route is very long or has many turns or elbows, it is necessary to incorporate a grinding motor or sanitrit into the toilet , these elements have improved a lot in recent years both in price and noise effectively. In some cases, it may be necessary to make covered masonry drawersof the same tile to be able to make the drains properly and with a sufficient slope. In other cases, vertical work may be necessary to make the connections of the bathrooms to the current downspouts, especially if they are in places that are difficult to access from the inside or if it is necessary to change a piece, for example of a polluting material such as the uralita and to put it of PVC.
  • All our work budgets and especially in the bathroom where there are different elements of final purchase materials that the client must choose, we add the price of each component, for example the tiles or the shower tray or the toilet, so that When the client chooses the final and final materials according to his own taste and decision, it is as simple as comparing the real prices with those expected and liquidating the small differences of more or less that there may be.
  • In the bathrooms it is also common to be able to locate electric or gas towel racks .


Therefore, when defining a new location for the pieces when making a complete bathroom renovation, it will be essential to take into account that the bathroom furniture and even the shower tray are more than likely to be relocated where we want, but not the toilet because due to its thickness of drain of about 15 cm in diameter and the necessary slope that is to stop until the connection to the downspout, we will be limited with respect to its final location.

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