How to adapt the housing to the pandemic

How to adapt the housing to the pandemic

Social distancing from the architectural or design point of view has to be applied beyond the crowded areas in our most common spaces, be they work, the place where we buy and in our houses. But, and how?

Given that these times are changing at a general level as a group, internally and externally, they make us think about how we can take care of ourselves and how we can adapt to these phenomena, which although they may be temporary, but they transform many lives.

Ideal design

The design must be based on the isolation mechanisms but they are not as proper as the word and literally, but rather be made with elements or spaces that are suitable for this “new life”. They can go from translucent closings that have the ability to visually permeate as if it were a common space.

In addition to locating the cleaning areas once accessed from the street, it can be a place to leave clothes and items, as well as special garbage for all those unwanted items, bags, masks, disposable items, etc.

The implementation of a clean area, such as adapted toilets and disinfection areas, is the trend given that in these situations it is better to re-adapt, being these for very long periods making our way of living and acting within it change.

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The functional relationships between those already used before the pandemic will be altered, for example, once we access, the most recommended is to distribute directly to the laundry, toilet or kitchen area, and then move directly to the bathroom. Well, now let’s think about the central spaces, such as living room, dining room, living room, etc., practically in these places they will become the most ventilated, but also the most used, since they will be those where the most time is spent since the restrictions from many places will make us stay more at home. The rooms will always be the most sensitive areas, but in these times they may undergo a slight change, we can turn our room into an office due to the rise of teleworking. Thus, adapting and adapting our home is a fact, with small reforms and interventions it may be possible.

Common spaces of the building

When referring to our housing at an individual level, it occurs when we have an isolated or single-family house, but when we live in multi-family buildings where the majority of the population lives, the changes are even more significant, given that the passage of people in the environment is communal. Interactivity is generated both from the outside to the inside and vice versa.

Here is the intervention in the common spaces, redesigning or adopting measures that can be effective or at least palliative to the situation, but how can it be considered? What can be done in public areas about it?

Access lobby: In these points of interactivity the greatest flow of residents and non-residents is concentrated during the day, it is convenient to have adequate ventilation (better natural) to mitigate the impact on the environment or the confined space. New window designs can be considered with openings, fixed and folding, or also with superior elements that are mobile, slats, etc.

ventilación forzada

Forced ventilation must be totally correct and, in turn, maintenance must be strict and effective, filter cleaning, and constant air renewal.

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Stairs and elevators

Nowadays the way of life practically makes it easier for us to access and move around without so much effort, when we refer to it with this phrase, it means that, if we have to choose between going up by elevator or stair, we will always opt for the first one.

But with the current situation has changed a bit and this does not oblige us to take the second route, but what measures must we take in both? The answer is simple, cleanliness, since there is no other way to adapt but it is with this step. But can you do more? The answer is yes, optimizing spaces and ventilating them, by means of grilles, windows and extraction fans, in the case of elevators, on stair landings, opting for windows that can be opened and provide security.

Another more technological but perhaps more expensive option would be the implantation of elevators with sensors, automatic or by voice commands, to avoid having the least manual contact with them.

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