DIY ‘do it yourself’ by the hand of Reformas Barcelona Low Cost

Many times we have pending issues to do at home and we do not know how to do them, so this week’s article is DIY for small reforms, such as:

  • minor repairs

and even just tighten a screw, but we always have time and we have a lot of repairs.

During these days and given the situation, what better time to do it, although many times we become procrastinators par excellence and they accumulate until they become an inconvenience and do not know how to start.

From Reformas Barcelona Low Cost we will give you some advice based on our extensive experience when doing or auto doing work at home, the famous “do it yourself”.

The most important thing is to have the disposition, patience, means and adequate tools to be able to do it. We will list the guidelines so that it becomes a success and you can finalize them:

1.- Recognize pending points or that require repair or maintenance.

Our house is often a pandora’s box, since sometimes we see it without any flaw and when some time passes we see it the same, but it always has things to do, whether it is cleaning the walls, or in the bathroom, some light that is failing, or as well as relocating some shelves, so it is important to take them into account in order to anticipate the necessary materials and tools.

2.- Choice of materials and tools.

At the time of starting, the type of material we are going to use is important, be it paints, accessories, types of glues and sealants. In relation to the tools, it is essential that they are in good condition so that they can fulfill their function.

How to seal a bathroom screen, install a shelf, glue the baseboards of the house, repair damp, paint, etc. These are the most common examples when making repairs, we will tell you step by step how to do them.

Example 1: Bathroom screen

Normally these types of elements accumulate mold and stains over time in the soft areas of union, sometimes it is convenient to change them for aesthetics and health.

1st step: with a special cutter we remove the silicone that is installed between the screen and the wall.

renovar la silicona de la ducha de forma fácil

2nd step: Once this silicone has been removed, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned with (non-abrasive) products that can remove silicone dirt and debris, or simply wipe.

3rd step: The surface must be clean and dry, then a silicone cord with a maximum thickness of 1 cm is made. It must be applied with the same tube or gun that they already sell commercially.

aplicación de la silicona con pistola

Example 2: Repair damp

It usually happens in low and closed environments. Also in areas where there are permanent or capillary liquid leaks, either downspouts, or poorly sealed pipes. They are divided into two cases: by filtration or condensation.

1st step: In this case we will comment on humidity by capillary action. They usually appear from the bottom to the top at a height of approximately 60 to 70 cm. Discover the area to be treated, clear and try to ventilate, if in this case it is not possible to just clear the area to prepare it later.

humedades en paredes interiores

2nd step: if there is inflated or peeling paint (paint bubble), a scraping must be made with a spatula from the area to be treated and allowed to dry. Subsequently clean and apply anti-humidity or anti-mold sealing paint.

espatula humedades en paredes interiores reparar humedades en paredes interiores

3rd step: once the paint or sealing product has been applied, apply a plaster finish product or to place streaks. The facing must be completely dry before application.

Although there are many products (already at a professional level) such as injected products or special pastes, the solution we propose is simple and effective.

In many cases, when we cannot carry it out on our own, the professional will take action who, in addition to solving us, will be able to advise us on how to maintain it and not make mistakes when using it and on the preventive maintenance that must be done over time.

Here you will find a compilation of our advice on reforms.

So, it is time at home, time to fix and improve, but if you need advice at Reformas Barcelona Low Cost we are available.

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