Revaluate your housing thanks to the reform.

Does the word REVALUATE sound very interesting, if, when we focus on it we always think of added value or an increase in its value, many times we want to apply it to everything, be this in one way or another, but how we revalue a real estate space or even an article, but the most interesting thing is to know how to revalue your home thanks to the reform?

The answer to this question is simple: when we want to increase the possibilities of selling or renting our home, we generate active improvements in the infrastructure, we beautify, condition, and even make many areas or elements more technical.

Increasing the possibility by a large percentage is clearly possible and even beneficial in the condition of what is done, below, we will briefly describe each of them:

1) Thermal comfort

It is one of the most important actions, given that it is essential to condition it to obtain excellent comfort inside the house, it is applied by updating the heating and cold systems, as well as each of the individual rooms.

The implementation of an effective hot and cold air ventilation system be it through ducts, individual devices or aerothermal, or by the more traditional ones such as cell radiators. At this point depending on the area where the insulation resides, it is vital for the correct service of these systems including enclosures.

2) Repair, smooth and paint enclosures

In many cases the walls are the ones that have the greatest contact with elements, with objects and even with children (homes-schools), through them we observe the passing and use that the space may have on a physical level, so much so one of the first impressions that we take of a place.

Given this, many walls are affected and need changes and improvements, such as painting and even smoothing and plastering for a better impression. This will greatly enhance the value of the home since it will be viewed as new, applying purely neutral colors and good finishes.

3) Bathroom and kitchen

These two spaces are especially important, in them day-to-day activities are carried out and as a decorative room it is also important when revaluing. When we want to give a special touch to our home, we are inspired by those large kitchens where we can

make our taste fly by making improvements and even giving it life in a special way, change.

4) Facilities

This point is one of the important aspects since they are the bowels of the house, many times it is necessary to update it due to the use of new elements or for regulatory safety.

Another remarkably interesting topic is about special type facilities, conditioning our home with this type of facility generates a plus that may not apply in other homes. When we refer to this type of installation, it is nothing more than the installation of lights with sensors, home automation and even security and automated installations. This also generates benefits and quality of life in terms of facilities.

The special facilities will always generate a certain investment, but in the long run they revalue the adequate housing to the new technologies.

5) Lighting

It is one of the actions that we perform very little or improve in our homes, this is because while they work, we do not make changes, but the lighting must also be consistent and comfortable, the type of lighting must be variable throughout the house, choose lighting cold or warm depending on the environment, in addition to saving the type of lighting and even the location of these.

It is important to highlight the concept of lighting in the home or transform the space by improving lightly and with elements that generate savings. Another option is to do a study of area vs. lighting, by means of simulated programs or with the intervention of a professional.

6) Floors and doors

They are elements that perhaps we almost never decide to change all this unless they are very deteriorated, in addition, they are the ones that we have more contacts on day to day, wear and tear and even accidental aspects, many times they require a change.

The way to make a change is reflected with the installation, where appropriate, of a pavement or floor with optimal mechanical and physical conditions, whether they are ceramic, synthetic, wood, or laminate floors, the key is to always choose the most resistant and good quality, in the market there are many brands, types and ranges, which are those that will revalue our home, are an essential factor for this.

Regarding doors, those with a great design and material are the ones that will enhance the aesthetics of our spaces, as well as durability to impact and daily use, both in their composition and in hardware.

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