How to choose parquet for your reform

When reforming your home is key the time of choice of materials, but many times we see things that we like and sometimes we do not, besides, we have to take into account the value for money, in this case it is the complement to the floor and perfect choice.

What the floor should be for my house, we leave you some tips:

View or analyze the interior space

When we refer to this we mean how they merge or how the floor color would fit with the environment, walls, windows and even the natural lighting factor and in last artificial resource. 

It should be taken into account whether they are warmer or lighter colors, depending on the area or the feeling we want for our instance.  The warmer colors will provide us with that, warmth within the house, but we must also keep in mind that it will obscure us a little from the general point of view.

If we opt for light colors, it will provide us with more freshness when implanting it in space, visually clearing it.

Considering furniture

The color of furniture must be taken into account, not so much in the present but in the future, since we normally make changes, these changes are generated over a certain time.  That is why it is important to take into account the type of soil and more in changing environments.

 Use or traffic of parquet

This is the main reason or cause when purchasing the parquet, beyond the decoration and colors, because depending on the type of use or traffic that will be given it is necessary one or the other.

On the market there are many types of parquet, of different types of wood and designs, as well as assemblies.


This type of soil has as a great advantage that is resistant to moisture.  Its installation is super simple, even on top of existing floors, in addition, it acquires uniformity on the surface and when it comes to cleaning, it does not retain dirt on the surface.


For reforms it is the most used, because by its type of installation makes it practical and somewhat economical.  This type of parquet is composed of high density wood fibers and is applied a decorative laminate imitating natural wood, this sheet gets great performance against traffic.

The type of installation is easy when machined or click system, avoiding placing glues and special glues, it is placed on top of a foam previously placed to insulate the surface of the new parquet.

This type of soil is the most used by Reformas Barcelona Low Cost in its interventions, these are located from the most basic category AC3 to the AC5 or even AC6 as high end.   The latter with good resistance to high traffic and even some other moisture.  The type of uses can range from domestic to high commercial.


This type of parquet is the one that is entirely wood, bringing robustness and warmth to the room.  With purely natural colors and unique textures, they make it a parquet with high performance.

This type of soil can be intervened with external materials, such as resins and paints and which in turn the type of thickness ranging from 2 mm to 7mm determines the market value and type of intervention that can be performed.

Among the woods used we find pine, oak, cherry, maple, beech, ipe, teca. Being many of them of high quality and therefore  prices according to the thickness and type of soil.

On the market there are parquets  that are a little more complex and therefore their installation and use is lagging behind the most common models described above.  These are tablet tablets and industrial tablets, but in turn they are the most durable and  most  expensive.

As we see, there are a large number of possibilities for the installation of parquet in the work, it must be consistent with the stay, quality, price and even the use, therefore, which parquet you would choose for your next reform with Reforms Barcelona LOW COST?

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