Trends in bathroom reforms

Trends in bathroom reforms

When reforming the bathroom we must take into account that the traditional is maintained, but the new trends are imposed, we mean the new shapes, colors, finishes, lighting of elements and even some minimalist concepts.

The aspect of this will depend on how we set it up or imagine it, we must take into account the trend vs budget ratio, since it is very important when choosing, since we will always want the best for our bathroom.

There are several tips that we can give you from Reformas Barcelona Low Cost regarding how to configure your bathroom, how to choose according to budget and according to design.

Initially and before we start is to see what we are going to transform, we can rely on specialized websites, design magazines, books and as a last resort hire a professional. In this process we can imagine or size how we want our work, even if we do not know much about the subject if it is important to be clear so that once this phase passes we go to the materials.

At the time of the choice of work materials is when the concepts come into play: basic, vintage, modern, themed or just a fusion of styles. This means that we are getting to know and at the same time learning all these styles since we are mixing ideas, colors and textures. Once chosen we become possible to imagine them or conceptualize them graphically, currently there are many web applications that gives us a more landed and clear idea about the design and even proposes changes.

This phase of choosing such material is important because that is what will mark practically our budget, the amount we will spend on making it a reality.

In the budget phase is where we will notice or estimate the expenses according to design + material, a common formula that will accompany us during the process of reforming our bathroom.

When we are already valued it is important to know if we follow the line or modify, this being a pro or a con for our economy. We can choose to modify some aspects without much touch of the initial design, we can make pliers at half height, place shower trays instead of bathtub, place common lighting but that supplies the bathroom area, look for cheaper materials, as well as accessories, and even give it a turn totally put in qualities or quantities.

All of the above is the most difficult part of our reform as we deal with a lot of planning and time, but that in the end once finished is satisfactory: Your new bathroom.

Now let’s talk about trends, it is understood that trend is everything current and modern, but it should not always be so, since our tendency is to improve our most intimate space, but modernize it, and not to any concept, so we teach you several types of trend:


This type of bathrooms of stately character, discreet and with nuances that evoke the past is one of the styles that is currently used, mixing a series of colors without being sumptuous.

We can opt for a more classic style in our set of furniture, pike and mirror as an atrium to contemplate ourselves, soft colors and woods in aged finishes. Strong wood-like elements and framed shapes.

As far as vertical walls are concerned, we can opt for a wallpaper in soft colors or ceramic material that makes us see one more bathroom of the stately style.

What refers to the bathing area, could not miss the bathtub, is the queen of the bathroom par excellence in this style, we can opt for a modern bathtub, but with nuances of later eras, accompanied by chrome design faucet and forges in its composition.

When it comes to lighting hanging lamps or typical glass balls, they make the space unique as if it were a closeness to the sun, in a staggered or linear way make a unique combination.

On the ground we can not forget to perform the intervention in one that goes according, we can opt for pavements with geometric shapes (hydraulic), printed or simply unicolor, giving a feeling of unity.

We can opt for purely natural material or those offered by stores such as Ferrolan, Leroy merlin or houses specialized in bathrooms.


This type of bathroom brand trend within its line, is the most common since a general concept is used within the design and materials, but always being within its form.

We can opt for more classic materials, with white ceramics, ceramic shower trays, imitation floors either parquet or simple and linear colors.


We will apply in the good sense of the word this type of baths, ranging from the simplicity of the lines to the most futuristic and super modern, this type of bathrooms can be made with decoration on the walls and floors, or place finishes in different colors and more aggressive tones that bet by a radical change, supported by dishes of showers of colors and shapes , as well as blown or fixed profile screens, giving rein to the concept of a clean design. Many opt for modern bathtubs and even hydromassage columns typical of Spa centers.

As for the lighting, surface lights or rails will be applied being these addressable or that can move from one point to another, in addition to lighting even of led type in roof area and walls. Another aspect that modernizes these spaces is even the taps, with impossible shapes and super bright chrome make the difference, as well as the sink in the form of cup, round or even in the form of a dish. So there are many ways to opt for the modern bathroom and when making your reform you will have a number of options.


This type of bathroom is something particular, since in 80% its composition is clearly of this color, furniture, floors, walls and even accessories are used, it becomes part of a uni tone giving it that characteristic of purity and freshness, in addition to being the most illuminated space of the house.


The rustic bathroom as we know it is not the 100% concept that is currently worn, this type of bathroom has evolved within the characteristic of design and finishes, giving it a modern touch, but without losing that essence of the old and traditional, thanks to its matte finishes and the roughness of the surfaces, elements that evoke nature and the straight lines that are an antithesis of what it is to be a rustic type bath.

Rough floors, furniture in aged wood colors or simply the feeling to the touch make it a mixture of finishes and colors that indicate that we are in the purest rusticity within the modern.

There are many types of bathrooms, but as we see these are the most common and the most commonly requested in the reforms. That’s why in Barcelona Low Cost Reforms we can advise you on the design, color and shape you want for your bathroom, always suitable for your budget and time.

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