All about exterior enclosures of aluminum or PVC

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It would be possible to have good exterior enclosures whether aluminum or PVC and with good glass compositions, especially to improve in all things related to thermal and acoustic insulation.

In fact whatever our air conditioning, either by air or by gas (heatingby radiators or underfloorheating), it is essential to have exterior enclosures or windows that are good and insulating enough to prevent the cold or heat inside are lost by these enclosures, as well as that the cold or the outside heat easily enter the interior.

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In this sense and taking into account that in the world of windows,there are numerous options qualities and alternatives, procedemos to cite the minimum and most reasonable to have an adequate insulation

First of all, we must remember that when choosing between aluminum orPVC, let us remember that PVC has a better insulation in what would be the profiling, but it would also be interesting to add good glasses with double chamber to complement this natural insulation of the material; we must bear in mind that in exchange for this better insulation it also has a usually higher price.

Regarding aluminum we must bear in mind that although the material itself is somewhatcolder, there are also categories such as thermal bridge breakage which adding a good combination of glasses will provide us with insulation and performance very similar to those of PVC, being the prices of this quality similar between both.

As for the combination of glasses it is important to take into account, that although to isolate from noise it is convenient to add laminated glass on one side, the camera and a glass with the greatest possible thickness on the other side, to improve the thermal insulation both inside and outside, it would be convenient to use the Sun guardian option which offers features that improve the insulations; and in any case obviously the thicker the glasses we put as well as the thicker the chamber the better the insulation will be

Types of openings,

It will not be of use to put a good profile and put some good glasses if we end up putting mainly sliding windows that are the ones that worst isolate both thermally and acoustically; whenever possible, we must look to put swing or practicable enclosures.

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We must also take into account the issue of blinds ie everything in blind drawers with traditional manual handle, is an important weak point since there is a contact with the outside especially at the thermal level with the entry of air and worsening of the insulation both cold and heat.

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In this sense and to avoid this weak point there would be several alternatives such as putting an integrated monoblock blinddrawer, and above all motorizing the blinds so that there is no type of gap or direct contact with the outside.

In parallel it can also be interesting that the blind drawer is inwardly sufficiently isolated from the outside.

It should be remembered again that to minimize the electrical consumption especially in the internal air conditioning both in cold and in heat it is essential that the exterior windows are of good air quality in properly since it will not be of any use to have a good air conditioning system is there air granted if then we have inefficient windows and that do not retain the heat or the cold and allow to enter the heat or the cold outside.

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