Reform the portal of the building. Typologies

In a previous chapter we commented on howtomake interventions in our portal or community lobby area, that area that is our distribution to the houses.

But what is it that makes it attractive besides being the articulating axis in our building?


When we talk about design we enter into the purest concept of the functional and simple, of the aesthetic and durable, from the most striking to the most discreet, this game of extreme comparisons can be carried out within the design that can be generated in itself.

Well once all the needs have been identified, it is essential to bet on the type of design, which fits within the values, physical characteristics and that do NOT break the aesthetics of the property, as well as the type of material to be used.

All this sum of concepts creates a design typology whether modern, classic,with naturalmaterials, are rustic, smooth, wood, metal, and even with minimal details that make a set with the challenge of materials.


Nowadays the design of common elements is on the rise, since the rehabilitation of buildings, together with the aesthetic facelift is a reality, so you have to plan a design that is fresh, modern and that also includes new functions (in some cases ramps, certain type of lighting and innovation in materials, colors and even textures).

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In this type of design, lighting is one of the most important roles at a visual level, since it generates a light impact in all its aspects, whether with direct, indirect or with a characteristic designof modernity in the goal.

With straight and even oblique strokes they give a touch of visual spectacle, a”merchandising”in the goal, able to attract the gaze of passers-by in addition to the residents of the building.

The area of mailboxes, stairs, walls and pavement the essential that match finishes and colors to generate a single entity. These being the perfect complement to make a complete reform and a pleasant nuance even to the touch and to the eye.


In this case the type of design to which we refer is the already existing design, but with a slight touch of change, this is because certain communities carry a pattern and according to the style of the building and it is maintained in that way.

Many times this style is handled directly since the intervention is made based on similar materials or whether they are the same, but with a change of textures or color.

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A clear example is the type of design applied to a portal with buildings that maintain their style and shape, applying tiling at half height, handrails in iron or steel,stairs covered in marble or ceramic,standard lighting, etc.

Installation of elevator in Pamplona, elimination of architectural barriers, accessibility, rehabil... | Housing portal, Façade rehabilitation, Entrance floor

However, this does not mean that the change or reform is not taken into account, since it is generated from another visual or aesthetic point of view, but making the corresponding improvements. The change of the pavement, the walls, lighting and adjoining elements all in a basic way, are another way of understanding this type of design in the portal.


This type of design already elevates all the characteristics in the reform of a portal, since not only the reform and the constructive elements that will have a place are the main actors, but the elements or aesthetic complements within the reform.

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When we refer to the altor design value, we refer to the qualities in finishes, shapes, functionalities and even construction methods. Added to this the purpose of these based on the environment, wooden elements, bamboo, and even vegetables whether artificialor natural.

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This type of design takes into account the visual environment and pleasant to the user, as well as the contribution of these non-constructive elements that make a space in a large space of quality and even luxury.

There is a great variety of styles and ways to give a new face to the building portal where we live in a simple or more specialized way, the main objective is always that it is a type of intervention or reform that can meet expectations and change the architectural aspect.

This type of intervention goes hand in hand with a good interior design that determines and knows how to interpret the needs of the client, the community and the interior environment of the access.

Therefore, when carrying out the project or reform, it is important to be advised by good professionals, interior designers and even companies that such as Reformas Barcelona Low Cost have experience in this type of work.

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