Organize a Comprehensive and Low Cost Reform in Barcelona (1st part)

1) Be clear about our needs for integral or partial reform

The first thing we must do when facing the integral or partial reform of our house is to determine what our needs are going to be.

Here it is very important to mentalize that who lives in the house is us and not ours, friends, acquaintances, although with all their good intentions they try to advise us under the criteria of their own personal tastes and do not have to coincide with ours. And that eventually ends up hurting more than helping.

planificar una reforma

We should sit quietly and think about how we use our home, what things bother us that we would like it to have …

cocina y electrodomesticos

And for this we can help make a table to prioritize our needs for floor reform and comprehensive reform, to see how much it costs to reform a house:

Do we need a new floor layout?
Do we make changes in current distribution?
If current distribution is maintained without changes, there are no partitions.
In case of making changes and for example extending bathroom and joining kitchen to the living room and dividing a room into two
Forecast approx 20m2 demolitions and 20m2 new construction partitions Approx 1300 €
Do we have enough storage spaces?
Obviously we can choose to buy a PREFABRICATED closet not tailored.
But if we want to maximize the spaces and fully customize the storage space and its interior distribution we must make a work closet during the integral reform
A work closet for example of 200×255, with 2 sliding doors, dressed inside, can be around 1,000 to 1,100 €
Do we need a kitchen renovation to make it bigger?
Reform for American kitchen
Apart from the expansion of the space to join for example kitchen with living room, American type, very fashionable now and that doing it with grace can be very good, practical and does not have to affect the privacy in the living room.
For example, between the two spaces you can add a separation of iron with frames and glasses, very fashionable, and that will be very modern, aesthetic and practical
The complete kitchen reform: furniture, countertop (from Silestone for example) and new Balay electros, for about 4 linear meters, leaving aside installations or other works, can be around 3500 to 4500 €
Bath reform budget, bathroom reform price
We have a complete reform of a bathroom: remove all the old, including wall tiles, make new interior installations (plumbing and electricity), batter and tile walls and floor with tiles, extract and completely renew all bathroom furniture: shower tray extra-flat resin, said thermostatic faucet, toilet, bathroom furniture, partition The whole set can be between € 3,250 and € 3750 depending on bathroom size and material prices
Budget kitchen reform
kitchen countertops
There are different types of kitchen countertops and their price varies Formic, the most economical, approx 75-100e / ml, today it has greatly improved in color range and strength and quality; but it is true that it does not allow the sink to be overcast.
Granite, approx. 150 to 200e / ml, it depends on the range, the national ones are the most economical, but they are usually somewhat mottled, the plain type (like zimbawe granite) are the high range.
Silestones, approx. 250 to 300e / ml, the advantage is that it is like a plain color chart to choose fromFrom here there are others of higher ranges such as dekton, neolith …
What kind of kitchen appliances do we need?
Today there are medium / high ranges with excellent value for money, and excellent functionality and results, technical service The most common would be Balay, Bosch.
The advantage that the same kitchen provider serves you and place the electros together with the kitchen, is the agility for any issue related to the technical service, in case of any subsequent warranty problem
What reform companies are we going to look for in Barcelona?
Are we interested in a low cost reform, maintaining quality, and good materials, but with the most adjusted price and low cost possible in Barcelona, ultimately cheap reforms in Barcelona?
Yes, of all, and without fear that the end result is bad

Today there are average ranges of materials with excellent value for money

In addition, companies like ours are characterized by combining quality in execution, good materials, and very good prices, of the tightest in the market

With immediate availability and respecting the deadlines and quality in the execution

We are accustomed, that although we are a low cost company, the final results of execution have to be good, since all the customers at the end of their reform demand perfect finishes, as if they would have hired a high-end company, which would have cost them more than double
How to request and
evaluate a budget comprehensive reforms or budget reforms for Barcelona, to find a company of reforms in Barcelona?
The most common thing today is to ask for and offer a no obligation quote.

With on-site visit to the property to customize and assess in detail all the work to be carried out

In our case we also have TYPE budgets, which are totally realistic and that can serve as guidance to progressively assess a reform.
But obviously you have to customize in each case.
A comprehensive reform of a 75m2 apartment can be around € 21,000, and for one of 150m2 approx. € 35,000
What to do
with the false ceilings? (See article in the blog: Types of ceilings low cost for your refurbishment)
The current trend is to put false ceilings in the reception / hallway (to facilitate the new electrical installation), and in kitchen and bathroom ceilings for installations and lighting

In the rest of the house, it can be quite common in living room and somewhat less in romos

Sometimes it is required to put in the whole house, for example to insulate it better (thermally or acoustically), adding rock wool or fiberglass inside

Approx. the m2 of false ceiling is between € 30-35 / m2, and in principle it does not have to go down more than 8 – 9cms.
We can also include here roofs for cutters, or drawers for tubes, or decorative roofs for inserting side led strips for indirect lighting.
And if necessary you can add decorative cornices perimeter to paint along with ceiling

You can check more prices on our page:

2) How to request and evaluate a budget comprehensive reforms or budget reforms for Barcelona, ​​to find a company of reforms in Barcelona?

To make reforms in Barcelona, ​​integral or partial reforms, bathroom reforms, kitchen reforms, or house renovations, we do plan the work with a head and we pay attention to each of these steps, we are convinced that you will end up getting right in the comprehensive housing reform.

There are companies of reforms that will be qualified to be able to execute it with quality and guarantee, so it is worth investing that time in finding them and making sure to enjoy our future home.


It is important to assess and have customer history, photos and opinions of their latest comprehensive or partial reforms, kitchen or bathroom renovation, where we can visualize their work.

If necessary, we must ask you to visit one of his last works; It is also important to know that your availability to initiate comprehensive reform is immediate or almost immediate, because otherwise our planning will be affected.

Discover our way of working and request the budget for the reform of your home in Barcelona in a simple, cheap and without obligation, and with immediate availability, so that a comprehensive reform is executed in an easy and simple way.

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