Organize a Comprehensive and Low Cost Reform in Barcelona (2nd par)

3) Change the chip and reform your floor successfully … and without stress!

It is possible, it is enough to have three clear conditions: hire a good professional, set a top budget (and choose good average qualities), and meet the deadlines.

The fear of not having enough money to face the reform of a home or lack of time paralyzes many homeowners to carry out comprehensive reforms. Although it is also possible to make small or partial reforms, or reform of kitchens, or bathroom renovation, which entail major improvements with little effort and without scratching much the pocket: that is to have a low cost or cheap budget, but without giving up qualities material averages, in our comprehensive housing reform.

3.1) Ideas to undertake a comprehensive reform

In addition there are specific ideas for certain concepts of integral reform that can help us make the reform cheap: how to put vinyl coverings, anti-humidity paint, cover the kitchen furniture with gloss or matte vinyl, or paint the bathroom walls with synthetic enamels

Analysis of weak points and strong points

Before starting the reform, the strengths and weaknesses of the house must be analyzed, issues such as insulation, ducts or lighting require special attention. It is also interesting to consider the aesthetics that you want to give and all those details that are sought inside a house.

For this, it is necessary to prepare a specific project, which fits perfectly with our needs and budget, and thus avoid future mistakes. If what we want to do exceeds our ability to carry it out, it is advisable to ask a professional for help. It is convenient to request a detailed comprehensive reform budget and compare prices. Although it may seem that hiring an expert will make the reform more expensive, your advice can save us money. It is important that the integral reform company has its own architect to participate in the integral reform

The painting

The painting is the ideal instrument to give a new air to the houses in an economical and sen



In addition with painting you can improve any room, making it more pleasant, giving light or expanding spaces.

We are interested in any case to carry out a comprehensive low cost reform, but without sacrificing quality in its execution, materials of medium quality, and good supervision of execution and deadlines.

The pipes

One of the drawbacks that most worries in a second-hand home is the condition of the pipes. If these are copper or iron, the oldest, it is convenient to check both the water flow and its condition. If the pipes are visible, they can be replaced without lifting the floor.

A good solution to renew the appearance of exterior pipes can be to paint them the same color as the wall or camouflage them with a tall piece of furniture that will act as a parapet for the vertical pipes.

integrar las tuberias

4) Outline a new distribution, for our comprehensive reform in Barcelona

Once we are clear about what we really need, we have to look for a new distribution of the spaces of our house to be reformed, and decide if it will be an integral or partial reform, and if we are going to include the kitchen reform, bathroom reform , roof reform, floor reform, electricity reform, plumbing reform, cabinet reform, door reform, air conditioning reform, boiler reform, heating reform, wall renovation, paint reform, exterior renovation, renovation terrace, local reform, multi-storey reform, intelligent reform, underfloor heating reform, reform with project, reform with architect, reform with partition walls, renovation with demolition …

Computer design and decoration programs

For this we can help with some sketches, or use free applications on the Internet with which to roughly configure the reform, or ask the company or its architect for an initial and final plan after the reform

In this process we will begin to raise new questions to which we will have to answer:

croquis para refoma

  • Can we place the bathroom in another area of ​​the house?
  • Does this room have enough space for what we want?
  • How many plugs do we need, do we need to renew the electrical installation?
  • How much all this costs!

At this point it is important to consider one thing:

  • Do we know what we want to do in our home, what kind of comprehensive reform do we want to do?
  • Do we need the help of a professional who can advise us on the new distribution to get the most out of it, controlling the project costs from the beginning?

To propose different distribution options studying the variation of their costs at the time of the works, integral reforms in Barcelona.[:]

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