HOME STAGING, what it is and how to apply it?

This anglicism is summed up in 2 main words: Time – Economy, by expanding this relation of words we see that by itself it is the common denominator in everything related to the real estate part.

Which is defined as Home Staging.

But what is it really?

When we have a property, we all want to give it a new face, improve it and more when you want to sell, as that great phrase says: Everything comes in sight, and that is really so, beyond the location, the benefits it gives, the environment, the m2, is the complement for a property to have one or another value, but in reality what could increase or expedite the sale of that property would be the action or intervention.

This type of intervention must be economical, clean and fast, give a great face wash so that it is in addition to being functional attractive. All this consists of cleaning all the areas, conditioning the facilities, providing great lighting, conditioning the thermal factor: changing windows and doors, and most importantly, leaving the spaces undefined and customized, which means that it will be in tonal condition and decorating the spaces (if any) so that the future tenant or owner does not have to do practically anything

How to apply it on the property?

The easiest way to do this is to make an assessment of the deteriorated areas, a bit old and not very functional, as well as the chromatic analysis, see the deficiencies of lighting, ventilation and give new life to some spaces, be it, changing position or Applying a new decoration. Everything can be possible with this analysis and the strategic application of these changes or transformations, but these must be minimal in the economic impact and try not to generate too many works.

This trend, which continues to grow significantly, is used in many places with the need to give that new face to boost the sale of that property. In Barcelona Low Cost Reforms we follow this trend, given that approximately 12% of our interventions in reforms are especially aimed at this concept, a basic face wash, which is not expensive and most importantly the speed to be able to carry out the business with greater ease.


A quite visible example is the apartment or property that needs some minimal changes to make it quite interesting, color change, change of faucets, change of luminaires (warm or cold), change of mobile decoration (in case it is delivered furnished) , replacement of some furniture (be it kitchen or bathroom), etc. And so thousands of possible combinations to be done in a short period and can be within the reach of rapid negotiation.

Also keep in mind that this intervention generates an important transformation at a low cost and at quite good deadlines to expedite its commercialization. All this movement can be done in all types of construction, so the magnitude and meaning of applying it is synonymous with guarantee when offering such properties.

So if you want to experience your own HOME STAGING you should only be clear about the areas to intervene and your economy, and most importantly the time for it to be sold.


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