How to generate new spaces without making many works?

When we have the project to expand a space in our home, office or office, we always look at the subject of the works, we know that it is important to acquire these new environments, but within a few deadlines and according to what conditions to avoid certain discomforts such as They are long works, […]

Comprehensive reform or partial reform?

It is a question that looks easy to answer at first glance, often the quickest response would be the comprehensive reform, but it is not always the most appropriate.

How much does it cost to reform a home in Reformas Barcelona Low Cost?

In Reforms Barcelona Low Cost We do approximately between 110 to 120 reforms/Year, this It indicates that we handle a medium-high volume of reforms, the result that our prices are competitive and the availability of equipment and the speed of jobs are very effective. If You want to know How much It is difficult to […]

Reform the building portal

Reform the building portal, what to do. The portal of a building is the letter of presentation of your home, said in this way, it is the first impression before transferring to a more intimate area, since it is the common area totally visible to neighbors and visitors. 

The paint

Choose the paint: color, beauty and protection. At the time of reforming the house, painting is one of the materials that will have the most visibility, because it is true that by itself it is capable of completely washing the face of a house until it looks like a new one. That is, apart from […]

Steps to reform a local in housing

Currently many people are betting to acquire a place and transform it into housing. Since this practice is becoming more fashionable, we inform you about what you should know before embarking on this adventure.

Sliding doors: key for more space

If you still don’t know the sliding doors, you need to read this article. If you have a problem of space in your home, you can already list these types of doors for the next reform. More and more customers dare with sliding doors and are delighted. It’s a way to go beyond the traditional […]

Rental Flats:

We propose some ideas to create practical, personal sharing flats, special for young people, who do not need to resort to low quality or big money disbursements. In our company is one of the most frequent requirements: customers who have bought a flat and want to destine it for rent, they find that they will […]

Ideas for refurbishment a small kitchens

If your kitchen has a few meters we recommend some decorative tricks that will help you turn it into a diaphanous and comfortable space. The designs of small kitchens are fashionable because spaces are increasingly smaller. It is important to get a proper design by investing in original and practical ideas.